Dreams - Alternate reality or just your mind 'farting'?

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  1. ptosis profile image62
    ptosisposted 6 years ago

    I had this EPIC dream  before I woke up it was very very strange and vivid. Now I don't believe that dreams are actually happening but when I get something that is like watching a movie, I wonder if I caught a glimpse of some other dimension of reality or what?

    Here it is, it's a long description:

    This is what happens when I wake up 2 hours late - tired or didn't want to wake up from such an epic dream?

    I was in a very old well kept all wooden interior house. My friend Wojo lived there and even though he is a pack rat - I didn't mind because the place was so beautiful. I was organizing his stuff that seem to be the attic and what I though was the only way to get up there was via a vertical ladder that my fat ass could barely climb up.

    While I was organizing, a yogurt stand was at the other end of the room. Lots of people were lining up for the smoothie yogurt. The stand nor the people were there before and I wondered to Wojo how because I could barely get myself up the ladder.

    Wojo shows me that there are three car sized elevators that look like part of the wooden ornate wall. We go up and to my surprise the house has three floors. Lots of people go in and out all over the place. I couldn't find or push the wooden button that the car-sized very ornate wooden interior elevators were and Wojo showed me the single person elevator.

    The single elevator was open with thin chains, and a barely there wooden bottom that was unsafe to stand on. There were two of these cagey single serve elevators so I pushed both wooden buttons. I kept swaying forward because there is no safety gate so I grabbed a chain link that was hanging and was having a very hard time trying to stop myself from swinging into the 'works' of the thin chains that are operating and moving. The singleton elevator stopped I walked onto it with each foot on the edge and hanging on to the chain so that I won't fall through the flimsy rotted wooden slats. There is no control devices on the elevator. the chains are design to tighten upon have weight in the open air elevator and I could see if I did mess up the chains in any way that I may not work - or worse - break and I would fall - dashed to the ground with legs broken.


    Again same as above. Couldn't find the big huge fancy car sized elevator so went to the singletons. Same thing again except this time I actually did swing all the way out like a child hanging on for dear life on the little thin chain and yes it did get caught up with the open air elevator chain 'works' and this time the floor was mostly air but since was caught up in the chains - I couldn't step back into safety of the hallway.

    As I descended, and traveling down with the interior of the elevator wall right in front of my face - the wall became - different, newer? Better made? Not open wooden slats but the old style plaster was still hanging onto wall. The door opened and I saw a Victorian factory of with I have never seen in black & white pictures. It was a very busy factory and amongst the Victorian dressed folks there were Mayan, shorter, browner and in traditional plumage.

    I started to walk around and nobody noticed me. Perhaps I was dressed now in Victorian clothes? I don't know. I don't think I had a dress on, I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt.

    An alarm went off on a machine, a white guy has a golden hardhat with a very thick brim that fits on a rail that is contoured. The man with the hard hat spins very tightly because the hard hat is attached to the contoured ridge of the machine. At this point I figured that the Victorians transported the Mayans back to the USA to make a factory that had magical Mayan magic -  for why else would the white guy with the actual gold hat with thick brim do this strange ritual in order to fix the machine fault?

    I look outside the house window with no glass and it is a wonderful view. It took a few moments to realize that this was the Hudson River BEFORE development of docks and such. I see small boats in trouble in the fulsome river even though it's sunny the waves are beating this little row boats around.

    I am outside now looking and I see one small boat at the swampy steep, (swampy AND Steep? - this is not possible IRL) and I rush down and get my feet wet trying to help this old fisherman looking dude who is having trouble. I offer to tie up the boat, which I do by looping around a rock, but he said the rock isn't big enough and pointed to another rock a little higher up the incline which I did. Another boatman is coming in at the same place.

    I looked around and there were a bunch of ship-wrecked refugees trying to get into shore but the waves are like the ocean's and the most of the others were some distance away where the rocks are. They are not going to survive if land there but the currents pushed them there.

    The old man I helped asked me where was I from. He mentioned that there are no roads here and I must've walked (as opposed to have a car). I answered no, I 'm from right here. He looked at me a bit wary and said "Here?"

    I said "Yes", turned around, and pointed up the hill from where I just came from. It was a HUGE royal sized looking mansion of Victorian design. Four stories tall and at least the width of a football field.

    I saw black smoke coming out of the far end of the mansion. I yelled "OH NO!" because if the place goes up in smoke - how the heck am I going to go back into my own time using that rickety singleton servants elevator? I had a hard time going up the hill.

    The hill was slowing me down because I kept slipping. So I punched through the top crust (akin to when snow has a hard crust and when you walk, your feet keep going through it and you have to slog it).

    But there was no snow it was green long grass and I wanted to return to my own time so I punched with my fist through the 'crust' of the long green grass up the hill.

    Now I am inside, I guess the fire is out because I'm in the house section and not the factory section of the mansion. All Victorians but there are odd things on the table. Me being nosy, I tried to look through them without being notice.

    Of course in any dream, Any person can not actually read anything because that part of your brain is not active. And this is the case here. I can see the writing but I can't read it not because it's in a different language or fancy Victorian script but because people can't read while dreaming.

    But there were other objects of strangeness that would not belong in a typical Victorian household. I concluded that the Victorians were using some sort of Mayan black magic in order to run the factory and make a profit. They started to notice me gawking and asked me questions about my magic spells as I guessed that I looked like someone familiar to them. It was as if I had taken over in spirit the body of one of the Victorians. When I hemmed and hawed on the questions in running the magic factory - that's when I woke up.

    Epic shit man! The old fisherman must've known that mansion was 'spooky' and was wondering why I was even helping him at all. Perhaps the entire shore with it's crazy winds and “steep swamp" was magic protection to keep outsider's away and he couldn't figure out why I was helping him if I came from 'that place on the hill'

    1. Stacie L profile image92
      Stacie Lposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      That's a great story...you should make it a hub.wink

  2. Man from Modesto profile image81
    Man from Modestoposted 6 years ago

    It is an interesting dream. I think you should check out this post on houses in dreams, esp. since you have 3 floors, with a fourth attic: http://dreamtraining.blogspot.com/2012/ … house.html

    I believe the three elevators represent God/ Jesus/ Holy Spirit. Their rickety state establishes you know God, but your relationship is in disrepair. It will get better in the future. Tying to a rock means leading to Jesus.

    The stormy water represents Judgment coming.

    1. ptosis profile image62
      ptosisposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      The three car-sized elevator were beautiful and ornate, it was the servant's singleton's that were death traps.

      I wish one day I would be able to 'plug in' with a futuristic MRI and simply record my dreams. This is not the first time I've dreamt of old-style ornate Victorian all wooden interior with fancy wood work paneling.


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