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  1. holyvison profile image61
    holyvisonposted 10 years ago

    The success of any undertaking rests with MAN-MONEY & MATERIAL of which man is more complex to deal with.This demands a leadership which is nothing but an art of creating an environment where in human forces get organised,unified into a team & developed for acheiving economic & social objectives of an organisation.
    With this end in view ,we have to find out the success of a Manager ,which can be viewed with the help of 'Astrology'.
    Astrology is derived from the word 'Aster-Star & logos-reason or logic'.In short ,it is the science of time as the Horoscope or the Birth-chart is prepared only on the basis of the Birth-date & the Birth-time of the native.with the help of this science ,one can know the natural talent & aptitude of the native.The knowledge of the subject would be extremely useful to the personnel department for selecting a right type of man for the right type of job as the Birth-chart also reveals a mans'character & temperament .It is also an established fact that each profession has its own planetary influence which can be studied with the help of the Horoscope or the Birth-chart which is nothing but simply a scheme representing an accurate picture of the heavens of the position of planets & the stars for the time at which child is born.
    It is at this stage interesting to refer an article ''Are Top Managers born under a lucky star''written by Dr Michael Gaugueline ,the french Psychologist published in the issue of International Management -May 1981.As a student,he wanted to prove by statistical analysis that the so-called Laws of Astrology have no scientific foundation.But subsequently to his astonishment he did discover a statistically significant relation between the position of certain planets & birth time of famous people .After collecting the birthdate of more than 20,000 famous people including business -leaders ,actors ,politicians & sports champion ,he has ''MARS'' may be a key influence on the achievement of many top businessmen.
    Coming to our point & in the light of what has been started earlier .I have my own belief that Managers are born & not made.The selection of persons,with whom the organisation repose faith & place under them the fortune of millions of rupees not to talk about the work force behind them must be everywhere carried out in the most scientific way.However ,the methods of selection have their own limitation .It is in this line that the knowledge of Astrology comes to the rescue in the area of Personnel Management & Personnel Manager can contribute considerably in this regard.
    Generally ,criteria for selecting a person on the Management cadre is on the basic of the academic achievement of the person fully supported by sound experience .Cases are not unknown where the method has failed & it is likely that the adoption of subsequent method of trial & error may mar the fortune of the organisation.
    The question therefore ,is passed that should the fortune of the organisation be guided at the mercy of Destiny? My firm answer to this question is very much ''Yes'' .I would venture to go one step ahead that while commencing any new undertaking ,it would be fruitful to find the most auspicious time.Not only that promoters starting new venture should examine their period of coramencement with the help of this science so that success or otherwise of the same can be assured.If the activity is carried out into the favourable period ,the planets would also help to receive the services of persons who may help the organisation to reach to the desired goal.
    As mentioned earlier ,Managers having a technical acumen but without the grace of innate qualities would place the image & fortune of the company adversely .It is therefore ,not necessary that the personnel department have to keep in view the qualification ,technical knowledge & experience into the picture ,while selecting a person for Managerial position ,Technical knowledge is only a part of the Management function for which I would like to cite a reference of Mr Charles Schewab to whom Mr Andrew carnegie used to pay a million dollers a year.This not due to the fact that his technical knowledge of manufacture of steel was greater than anyone of else but because of his ability to deal with people .In his words''I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among then men...''The greater asset I possess& the way to develop the best that is man is by APPRECIATION & ENCOURAGEMENT''.There is nothing else that KILLS the AMBITIONS of a man is CRITICISMS from his superiors.I never criticise anyone .I believe in giving a man incentive to work so I am anxious to praise but loathe to find fault .If I like anything I am hearty in my APPROBATION & lavish in my PRAISE.I have yet to find the man however great or exalted his station ,who did not do better work & putforth greater effort under a SPIRIT OF APPROVAL than he would ever do under a spirit of CRITICISM.
    While visualising the success of Mr .Charles Schewab ,one would certainly appreciately that the art of managing people is not easy ,unless a person is gifted with the inherent traits .To know the qualities & the hidden potentialities of person the knowledge of Pschology would help only partially.
    It is only at this juncture that in this competitive world ,the organisation should seriously consider the importance & the utilisation of science like Astrology-Palmistry-&Graphology while carrying out activities of recuritment personnels for important assignment.
    It is practically impossible to brief learned readers the entire principles of astrology covering twelve signs & the influence of planets on the native .However I have made humble attempts to indicate the general traits of sign of Zodiac & the influence of planets in the Annexture 1&2 attached herewith.How far this would help to the reader I do not know.To acquire the knowledge of astrology ,it demands deep study & good power of intution.
    The Personnel department who has with them the task of recuriting personnels at all feels that for evaluting a candidate ,with the help of this science ,the method is cumbersome ,I would suggest them to acquire atleast the basic knowledge of palmistry which may help them to review the person easily.In this case more observation of the hand at a distance ,while talking /discussing would help you to judge the person correctly .Even observe a thumb & its shape & phalange & you can know from it the man s'will power ,logic-reasoning,love-temperament.
    Believe me,for the observation of the Hand ,its shape,finger,mounton the hand including the line of Apollo (line of success) ,you need not require the person sitting just opposite to you to show the hand.With your experience,your quick eye would make the movement so much fast within no time ,you will have televised picture before your mind.
    In many countries Hand-writing analysis is used where Graphologists are consulted by companies before selecting candidate.
    Whatever the methods one may follow ,the time is not far when so called Advance persons can no longer afford to ignore this subject .I am requesting them not to consider the views expressed here in light manner .Even Greatmen believed in & practiced Astrology .Dante declared it to be the highest ,the noblest,& the without defeat.Kepler .Lord Bacon,& Dryden were skilled in this art .Flanstead ,the first Astronomer Royal believed in Astrology for he selected an auspicious moment for laying of the foundation stone of Greenisch Observatory .Newton became attrached to the study of Astrology.

    1. Nickny79 profile image69
      Nickny79posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      What is the significance of Mars and Jupiter being in conjunct with ones Ascendant in the sign, Virgo, along with Saturn in the first house but not conjunct with any of these?  Suppose ones Sun is square to Mars, Jupiter and the Ascendant as well being in the 4th house--Sagittarius? with the Sun trining a Moon in Aries?

      1. Jewels profile image84
        Jewelsposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        That explains everything!  A very confident young man who probably annoys many people with strong Saturnian personas.

  2. knolyourself profile image60
    knolyourselfposted 10 years ago

    Personally I like astrology. My chart seems to fit me to a T. Course I would not let the machinations of the chart dictate what I do. I rather prefer to do that for myself. So did you submit your chart to authorities here, to validate your qualifications to write hubs on the forums?

  3. profile image0
    Leta Sposted 10 years ago

    UM, OK!

    My mother and sisters go on about astrology and I just want to gag them.  I mean, why do people believe in this type of stuff?  Just 'cuz?'  I understand reading astrology, etc., for fun and enjoyment--entertainment, like--but if you actually choose to believe little made up stories about who and what you are in the daily newspapers on a daily basis and believe it, etc., why should you even be in management?  (Oh, but that is often a question, isn't it?  LOL)

    But perhaps spoken like a true Aquarius, who knows, smile.

    1. Sufidreamer profile image80
      Sufidreamerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      The recruitment managers I have met were from a shallow part of the gene-pool, so nothing would surprise me. I once went to an interview and was asked to draw the animal that best described my personality. Strange.

      From a typical Pisces. smile

    2. Jewels profile image84
      Jewelsposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Tabloid Astrology, ie that which is in your magazines and newspapers are a load of hogwash, as such you do well to gag anyone who takes them seriously.

      BUT having said that, I've been into and reading vedic astrology for a long time now.  With Saturn on my midheaven I think I'm a good judge!  And I was also in management for many years - go figure.  And believe it or not, my first reading was done by a Solicitor.  Thank the gods though, cause I learned what the real astrology is all about.

  4. profile image0
    Leta Sposted 10 years ago

    Did you draw a fish, Sufi??


  5. Jewels profile image84
    Jewelsposted 10 years ago

    I've had discussions on this subject before.  A fellow astrologer thought it would be great to have access to a person's chart to help with job placements.  The problem however, is that a person's chart is a blueprint of possibilities.  Not everyone uses what's available.  Depending on a person's upbringing and negative and positive circumstances, it's usual that not every 'planetary force' is being used.  Therefore potential is there, but it's latent and could remain latent.  One of the reasons I don't like Tropical Astrology is that it places more emphasis on a person's Sun in their chart. A person's Sun can be quite weak in a person for many reasons, ie it's not aspected to anything else, or it's smothered by heavier aspects - like a Pluto/Mars for example.  A person could have had a brutal childhood, lack confidence, have a victim persona.  If this is the case a person's Sun could be eclipsed - or overshadowed.  In which case the Sun doesn't shine, it's useless.

    But as a whole I find astrology a fantastic tool.  Afterall Planetary forces are the energetic blueprint of what makes up your personality.


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