Astro Holy Vision -Part 1 -Astrology

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    holyvisonposted 9 years ago

    Astrology is a science & the most ancient of all sciences.It is a gift from our saint & seers who have not made an experience in the laboratory but in their prayer-Meditation.When they were in the trance ,could observe the cosmic environment & the movement of the Sun-Moon-Stars-Planets & its influence on the Nature-Humanbeings & the Global atmosphere.
    It is a respected science & it is absolutely necessary that Astrologer must be noble -Holy-Spiritually devouted person. He should be Calm & quite-Sincere-Honest & last but not least courageous to offer a straight & Right type of Guidance for his prediction.Instances are not unknown that this science has also been absued.
    Professional Astrologers have very Heavy responsibilities as they deal with human beings the mind &the Heart of the people reflecting the planet ''Moon ''& ''The Sun'' respectively in their Birth chart.
    As a student of the science of Astrology,I humbly feel that no professional Astrologers can predict the fortune of more than 3 to 4 persons at a time in a day !!.
    He should realise the power of prayer -Meditation with the result spiritual process will work automatically & subconscious & unconscious Mind will start offering the results by way of Intuition -Telepathy -Clairvoyance & Visualization of events.With this the prediction would give 100% correct observation & the Results.
    The subject is very vast & one has to view my series of Articles in this respect.
    Initially ,for ready reference ,I just submit in my Annexture-1 the information related to the Zodical sign -Planetary Relation & ownerships & Characteristic under beneficial aspects for the guideline of viewers/Readers.
    Annexture---2 to follow)
    Rohit Parikh