Astro Holy Vision -Part 2 (Astrology )

  1. holyvison profile image59
    holyvisonposted 9 years ago

    Astrology is a visionary mode,being the natural science ,reflecting the rays of our Planets in our daily movement of our Life .This ofcourse depends on our Accumlated karmas (Action) of our previous lives-Positive/Negative the resulting fruits of which we derive at the time of our Birth & the position of the planets reflected   in our Birth chart.
    As we know ''Sun'' is our soul-our Heart ,& Moon our Mind.In our every Action ,Our Mind & the Heart play the game in our Life,& the results of which depend on our discretion decision & the power of discrimination.       
    However we have to remain all the time watchful that according to our Karmas of our previous lives,our nature or our behaviour in the manner of Action- Anger-Greed-Attachment –Pride-Jealously do not make our Life perverse offering the cause of our Pleasure & Sorrow !!.
    Hear at this stage ,the science of  Astrology comes to our Help .For our valued Readers & Viewers.,I wish to narrate the basic points of this great science of Astrology for your information & the Knowledge so as to facililate you to appreciate the subject.
    The Science of Astrology establishes an intimate relationship between the movement of the planets in the Heavens & the fortunes & misfortunes of Men-Fates of Nation & Natural calamities.
    To me this is the play of our planets appear in our Birth-Chart.
    Dragon s’ Head (RAHU)
    Dragon s’ Tail   (KETU) 

    Ownership of the Rasis or Houses of the Zodiac
    ARIES----The House of Mars
    TAURUS---The House of Venus
    GEMINI------The House of Mercury
    CANCER------The House of the Moon
    LEO-------------The House of The Sun
    VIRGO----------The House of    Mercury
    LIBRA----------- The House of   Venus
    SCORPIO--------The House of  Mars
    SAGITTARIUS—The House of Jupiter
      CAPRICON------The  House of Saturn
      AQUARIUS------The House  of Saturn
      PISCES-----------The House of  Jupiter.
      From the above we have noticed that The Sun & The Moon each own only one House ,While the all other five planets own two each.These are known as their own House.
    In my subsequent articles, I am to indicate Planetary relation its position of Exaltation –Debilitations, its friendship & enmities with other planets together with its basic nature.   
    Rohit Parikh


    1. Nickny79 profile image70
      Nickny79posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      You should publish this in a hub.  More people will be exposed to your writing in the long run than in this forum.


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