Submittion to the cause of life

  1. Eng.M profile image72
    Eng.Mposted 9 years ago

    Whatever it is ? ?

    either God or chance

    I guess we should submit to the reason of life

    that means we work hard but we get satisfied of the results

    that is CONTENTMENT in another way

    I mean people can't get everything they want in the life

    so, feel happy about life

    what do you think ?

    1. mohitmisra profile image58
      mohitmisraposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Live now and plan for tomorrow,
      Otherwise expect sorrow.

      What ever you try ,do your best,
      Unto God leave the rest.

      Work because you have to.The rewards and results are in gods hands. smile

      Keep going is something I have to do,
      The fruit may come for me to chew. smile

  2. Inspirepub profile image79
    Inspirepubposted 9 years ago

    Well, yes, Eng M, resistance is futile.

    Life is as it is - we can accept that and work with it, or we can raise our fists and curse it.

    Makes no difference to life, only to our enjoyment of it.