Which is worse, failing or never trying?

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  1. itssarahj profile image61
    itssarahjposted 9 years ago

    For me, its never trying. This gives room for personal growth.

    This also reminds me of when Walt Disney was told he lacked creativity and imagination. But did he stop? No. He created a place where people can go explore the imagination he created to make it their own experience.

    1. Kathryn L Hill profile image77
      Kathryn L Hillposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      …remember, Edison tried an endless amount of times to create the lightbulb. He figured out an endless amount of ways it wouldn't work. Finally he found what would work. It took that many tries. I do not know if it was a thousand or ten thousand failures before he finally succeeded. (Now those excellent lightbulbs are are becoming obsolete, which is a tragedy if you ask me…but that is another matter.)
      I watched a friend of mine get laid-off from Boeing, create a superb resume, send out an endless amount of them and get rejected by every single company he applied to, until finally, a year and a half later, he got the job of a life-time working for the Government in missile defense. (Now he knows way too much...but that 's also another matter.)

      1. itssarahj profile image61
        itssarahjposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, we were just discussing the lightbulb in class very recently. My boyfriend got laid off from work a year ago and this year he has his business going very successfully, he built it from scratch. And if you know anyone who's created their own business, its no simple task. Never stop trying smile

        1. Kathryn L Hill profile image77
          Kathryn L Hillposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          Thanks for this positive reinforcement of human potential. Babies are small and helpless when born, but sympathy is not needed… reverence for the mighty being the infant will become, is needed.

    2. profile image0
      Dave36posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      A great question, & i'd say it's never trying rather than failing.....Failing is totally normal, & everyone who has ever lived has failed many times....If we don't ever fail, we don't grow or become stronger.....It's like someone once said: It's totally fine to look back when your old & grey, & regret some of the things you've done....However you don't want to ever look back, & regret the things you didn't do/try etc.....So i will keep trying, but i will expect to fail at some point.....However, if i learn by each failure, i shouldn't keep making the same mistakes.....So really what i'm saying is there's no such thing as failing, not if we're learning from those failures.....I see them as positive information, that is steering me somewhere.....But i have to keep failing, to get where i want to be in life. :-)

  2. Kathryn L Hill profile image77
    Kathryn L Hillposted 9 years ago

    Calmness is needed for success and success is needed for calmness.
    Q. Which must come first?
    A. Calmness!

    1. itssarahj profile image61
      itssarahjposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I had to think about that one for a bit. I agree calmness is needed for success but stress also motivates. My capstone in college is positive psychology and we've learned that individuals in stress tend to create wonderful outcomes. This is true for me in that when I have a deadline and I start on it a bit late, the stress of having so little time gets me to do my best.

      1. Kathryn L Hill profile image77
        Kathryn L Hillposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        thank you! That explains alot!

  3. psycheskinner profile image82
    psycheskinnerposted 9 years ago

    It rather depends on what you are trying to do and the manner in which you fail.  There are a few bodies on Everest and K2 of people who should probably have given up. Sure they died doing what they loved, but they could be alive doing what they love but knowing when to give up on a particular summit attempt.

  4. profile image0
    Beth37posted 9 years ago

    How does the saying go? "When you don't even try, you miss the mark 100% of the time." or something like that. smile


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