Developing a Spiritual Map of the World, and the Universe

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    God shetposted 3 years ago
    When we mention a map - the idea that commonly pops into mind is that of a paper diagram. Because this is what we have been made to 'believe' what a map can be.

    But there is another type of map - 'spiritual maps'.

    Let's do a brief experiment: Think about any place of the world. Did you think? What it is?

    Let's say I thought about Austria, the 'Murau' District of Austria. Now, there are two ways to think about it. The first way is this: I see Murau in a map or globe - and get an idea.

    But that's not what Murau is exactly is like. I mean, 'Murau' has been there before I was born - before any system of map or a wooden globe was even invented. And Murau is not a patch of paper on a larger piece of paper demarcated by a man-made liquid that we call 'ink'. The sun rises in Murau just as it rises here, and everywhere. And Murau is not even very far away from here (only a few hours by flight).

    And the people who live in Murau - they have the same setup of  life that we do everywhere. They were born - they are aging - and they will die too. I mean - if I go to Murau and do not get to eat anything within 24 hours - I would have to start fishing there! I can't walk naked on the roads of Murau. I can't live there in a dreamlike detachment.

    This is the 'Spiritual Map of Murau'. There is a (similar) Spiritual Map of the World, and of the Universe - and even of the beyond.

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      Righteous Atheistposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Show us.