Gnostic Christian Mystery School Secret Truth #1.

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    Gnostic Bishopposted 3 years ago

    Gnostic Christian Mystery School Secret Truth #1.

    All that can and is said of all Gods is speculative by nature as none of it is provable. To state that God exists cannot be a true statement unless one has a God to show. This is irrefutable as it can be shown that all Gods are based on ancient myths and stories. They are always to remain mysterious.

    All religions are based on myths, legends and hope in an afterlife that unfortunately turned to literal belief, --- and this one issue created the war against free thought that led to the purge of many cults that did not want to read literally and to the Inquisition and the Dark Ages. It ended the Mystery Schools.

    Literalists cannot help but be wrong unless they rely on blind faith and that faith of fools has pushed Christians and Muslims to kill many due to this blind faith mind set.  Christians will kill   again, --- just like Islam is doing today thanks to literal reading, --- given the chance. 

    Cristian literalist won against free thinking religions thanks to Constantine’s support --- but they cannot win today thanks to an intelligent population who are not superstitious nor as gullible as in past times and do not believe in fantasy, miracles and magic.

    Is literal reading of any scripture or holy book mentally good, or mentally evil?

    Has literal reading done the damage I alluded to or has it been a good influence for mankind?


    This thinking is the Gnostic Christian’s goal. … r_embedded

    This method and mind set is how you become I am and brethren to Jesus.