How much hate does God have as compared to love in his heart?

  1. Gnostic Bishop profile image60
    Gnostic Bishopposted 3 years ago

    How much hate does God have as compared to love in his heart?

    God says to love the sinner and hate the sin. But scriptures say that, at the end of days, the numbers of souls in hell will far surpass the number of souls in heaven. The wide road as compared to the narrow road.

    If, at the end of days, God must destroy that many of us in the lake of fire, his hate would have to be much greater than the love he has for the relatively few that he will cling to and love in the place for eternal and ignorant bliss, heaven.

    To my way of thinking, it would be impossible to kill with love in one’s heart and so God would have to have hate in his when he kills instead of cures all those souls. We do know that God does not need or have to kill, but will, and God cannot have love in his heart when he does. That would be monstrous.

    I know that love and hate for souls are not necessarily proportional but even at ten to one, God must end with a lot more hate than love in his heart when he pours the vast majority of us into the lake of fire.

    How then can God ask us to love sinners and hate the sin when he hates the sinner and we are to follow his lead?


  2. EncephaloiDead profile image58
    EncephaloiDeadposted 3 years ago

    The measure of failure for which God has achieved in controlling his hatred is only matched by his failure of the creation of man.

    Even before Pinochio became a real boy, he faltered and failed, and learned from his mistakes to go on and show he was worthy to be a real boy.

    Not so with the Abrahamic God and his creation. The first mistake man makes, he is forever scarred, never receiving the opportunity to learn from that mistake and show himself to be worthy of Eden.

    This is God's failure, not mans.