Why, believer or not, you seek a Monotheistic God.

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    Gnostic Bishopposted 2 years ago

    Why, believer or not, you seek a Monotheistic God.

    Because that God is you. Instinctively speaking.

    Our hiving or groupish natures and desire for friendship and fellowship lead us and statistics are showing how well our selfishness is working in terms of rapprochement for each of us to the whole world.



    This tribalism is both a blessing and a curse. The hive/you, seeks to unite with the other hives, --- is everyone's basic hive mind's number one desire. This is your base driving force for survival.

    We desire one God and human master above all other desires. We all crave a monotheistic world while wanting that God to be ourselves. We call that freedom. We are all in this together while all wishing to stand alone and above. Some call this our selfish gene and without it we would go extinct.

    Note the wisdom of the first few self-centred commandments. Like that God, we are all quite self-centered. Not near as barbaric as the bible God in most cases though, --- and our recognition of duty sends that self-centeredness to duty and love,  --- when it turns outwardly or towards others.

    If I was to define God as, --- ( just the best set of rules to live life by ), --- then the statement, --- believer or not, you seek a Monotheistic God, --- becomes truth.

    That God, --- described as rules and laws, --- is what believers seek.

    Non-believers seek the same thing, but with an ideal that is a human leader (s), and not a supernatural being.

    It seems that our natural selfishness turned duty is serving us well as a species if the trends are real. Remember to continue to seek an ideal in rules and laws.

    If you have found God, you are an idol worshiper. Your bible or holy book condemns such an action.

    As said in Candid, we are in the best of all possible worlds, because this is the only possible world. The world evolves and our political Gods as well as our religious Gods and masters must also all evolve.

    We all seek a Monotheistic God and we all want him or her to be us. We do look outwardly though for the role model, --- and that is what makes the search worthy. It is what makes us more fully human.

    The thinking shown below is the Gnostic Christian’s goal as taught by Jesus but know that any belief can be internalized.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alRNbes … r_embedded

    This method and mind set is how you become I am and brethren to Jesus.

    When you can name your God, I am, and mean yourself, then you will begin to know the only God you will ever find. God is that part of you that is more fully human.