Do Jihadists have a point?

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    Gnostic Bishopposted 2 years ago

    Do Jihadists have a point?

    Jihadists rebel because they see God reward Satan for rebellion.

    The facts, as I understand them from scriptures, indicate that Satan rebelled in heaven, was crowned as the first Morning Star, was intentionally placed to enlighten Eve with her God given powers, then Eve enlightened Adam.

    Satan was given dominion of the world and that is also what I S wants.

    The world is moving towards a one world government. No question as all one needs do is look at the rapprochement of all of the various countries, one to the other.

    I S thinks it can oust the oligarchic, --- some think democratic, --- control that the world is now under, to one where Allah rules.

    Unfortunately, Allah is not about and I do not think he will show up soon, --- and that is the only possible thing that will bring the oligarchs or democracies to bend the knee.

    I. S. and all home grown terrorists know this deep down and that means that they are basically suicidal and insane. One of Canada’s home grown Jihadist was thrown out of his mosque and yet even with all we knew of him, he still slipped in to do his evil deed.

    I. S. and all home grown terrorists know, thought or free thinking cannot be stopped. They know this from their own thinking. They, stupidly, think they can control the world by doing just that same kind of thought control. It is unfortunate that we cannot legislate this type of stupidity away.

    Sorry Jihadist scum, Christianity already tried that, --- and failed, --- as Gnostic Christians like me are still around and are strong. … =PLCBF574D

    If I were speaking directly to a real Jihadist, I would have this to say;

    “Satan was rewarded for challenging oppression and tyranny. A just cause.

    You have no just cause, and unfortunately, as the spearhead of a religion that would deny mankind freedom of thought, you will become as redundant as Christianity is today.

    That is how the world rewards those of your ilk.

    Christians hated Gnostic Christians enough to decimate us because we would not bend the knee to those who would demand that we think as they did.

    The world will have the same answer for you when we kill you.

    We do not want to kill you, however, if you do not repent; you will die by the sword.

    Free thinking is now too big to fail. Even you are not immune and cannot prevent yourself nor others from doing it. Recognize this, friend, before you die needlessly and harm others for being angry with yourself”


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      wildernessposted 2 years ago in reply to this

      ???  Jihadists aren't rebelling against God or anyone else.  They are following the words from the one true creator, Allah, by killing the infidels that are rebelling.  Including gnostics, Christians and atheists alike.

      So your god tells you to kill them; their god tells them to kill you.  And no one learns while the killing goes on...and on...and on.