Evil Satan VS Good Angel. Our Choice!

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    Shuchi12posted 2 years ago

    Every day is a constant fight between our bad , selfish desires and doing right things. Every little thing demand us to choose from our profit or other's gain.
    In the end its all about how good we know what is bad and what is good for the society.
    Thereby controlling our self at each step to be better person.
    The art of controlling and redirecting our mind leads to an ideal picture of happy society.
    If every person practice to control seven sins at each step, than there will be no news in news paper.

    Buddha teaches us to practice fighting 7 evil sins at each step of life. This will help in finding happiness along with finding God.


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    Carolyn Pearlposted 2 years ago

    It's true that the Buddha taught us to practice mindfulness, with the sincere and dedicated method of quiet meditation, in order to achieve insight. But there are no "seven sins" of Buddhism, or a belief in a supreme deity as there are in Christianity. We are to be our own savior from the ignorance binding us to 'samsara' or, the continual round of rebirth. The Buddha showed that all beings are born in a state of what could be called "original purity", but that ignorance - as a cloud obscuring the Sun, prevents us from being truly aware of events and how our words and actions can effect everyone.
      When we struggle with any negativity, one is better off first sitting in 'shamata' or calm abiding meditation. After becoming inwardly, physically and emotionally calmed through resting in the breath, one should then proceed toward practicing 'vipassana' or insight meditation. Only with clear seeing can we discover that thoughts are only productions of the minds natural functioning, that although normal, they can be disturbing and destructive towards ourselves and others, both in the present and future, if not dealt with. This is why it's important to take calm, focused concern at looking directly at thoughts, emotions and beliefs that hold us hostage to fear and incessant worry or panic, and seeing their true emptiness of substance and power to harm or sway.
    Disturbing thoughts pass and with practice can be dissolved, with their energy brought back into a state of health and balance. 
      With this devoted and internalized  wisdom and compassion for ourselves and others, we may achieve Nirvana, supreme Enlightenment and freedom from suffering.

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      Shuchi12posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks Carolyn for commenting on it. smile Your views are really nice and you area right in various aspects.