Grain and Theology

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    Ack Taneposted 2 years ago

    If you put heat inducing substances into the body it drains energy away from the brain possibly causing the individual to take the physical world more literally. The idea that concious beings are created in the female body looks more like atheism than theology. In female body based theology the functions of the female body are considered divine. Even painful ones. Just because blood letting comes out of a natural orifice does not mean that any blood letting at all is good. In order to neutralise the extra heat and acid the body has to draw energy away from less essential functions. Therefore deoxygenated blood cells are produced which have to be let go of. The amount blood and pain largely depend on the amount of heat and acid inducing substances consumed.

    In the male anatomy beings may feel the urge to be rid of other types of cells as these are non-essential to the maintenance of the anatomy and have therefore decreased in quality.

    Cramp in all forms of anatomy largely comes from deoxygenated blood cells.


    If you find the God particle you will of course then be asking what is the God particle connected to? The greater God particle? You have to accept that the origin of physical life is non-physical. There are moral and practical consequences as well as intellectual ones if you do not. Trying to find the truth from an underground fortress shows a lot of fear and little faith.

    The truth does not require vast amounts of buildings, labour and resources. Malcontented behaviour usually does if it is to be concealed and maintained.


    Birth without impregnation is a mild miracle compared to the high speed spinning Earth.

    DEFINITION OF A MIRACLE: A physical happening not supported by physical means.

    But the first being or beings to manifest on Earth must not have even come out of a womb. If they did then where would have the being with a womb come from?

    And they would have manifested without having consumed anything first. You cannot consume anything without manifesting first. They would have been dependent only on the will of God to be.

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      wildernessposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      You seem to have lots of statements, mostly saying "I don't know so it has to be a god".  That and some really incomplete arguments that make no sense at all - that the will of your god was necessary for early life, for instance, based on nothing more than that organisms can't eat until they exist.