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Church of England and Islamic State

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    Ack Taneposted 2 years ago

    When naming a Spiritual Discipline it is highly inadvisable to reference anything physical or any being who may manifest in physical form. Spirituality is supposed to be about the things that cannot be physically detected yet are still clearly there. It is not supposed to be about taking comfort in the physical and familiar.

    In order for God to be God, God must have a characteristic that no other being has.

    The physical universe is the manifestation of God's mind. God will not manifest inside this anymore than you will manifest inside your own mind. In the same way an artist will not manifest inside their own art yet knows the art, in the same way a writer will not manifest in the story yet knows the story, God is like this. This is how God knows without experience.

    The more closely you accept the will of God the more you can know without experience.

    Any reference to God having a physical characteristic or characteristics is an untruth.

    No sin will shake the throne of God for God has no throne.

    Demonisation of minority orientation would seem like yet another delaying tactic to self confrontation. As both minority orientation and majority orientation cause relatively similar levels of brain damage it would appear neither really give an optimal physical state of being. Spiritually is also about concerning yourself with what you are going to do next not with what someone else is going to do next. After all it is about the spirit and there is only one spirit you can truly know.

    The brain is God's gift to you. God FORgives as in God is constantly giving the power to heal the brain no matter what you do. But if God were to heal absolutely no matter what that would heavily constrict free will.

    It is strange in England that the word Catholic is a by word for abstinent when one of the principle Protestant complaints was that the Catholic institution was becoming too indulgent and too concerned with physical things. As most original Protestants would have started as Catholics it would be rational to view a Protestant as a Catholic who has a problem with Catholics not behaving as Catholics should.

    Knowing is not so much learning. Knowing is more conciousness. If you are asleep you do not know so well what is around you no matter how much you "learned" while you were awake. That would be why all major Spiritual Disciplines (as well as many minor ones) compel to be careful with if not eliminate all together brain compromising substances.

    Joining a spiritual group will not in and of itself improve your spiritual status. Does it really care about the individual spirit or is it more concerned about being a group? Does it keep offering you the possibility of committing one-off dramatic acts to be set free forever?


    If you find yourself in a place you regard as deeply unpleasant you can use your free will to get out of it. If you find yourself in a place that is highly agreeable you will require your free will to stay in it.
    It is not possible to separate free will from conciousness. You cannot suffer without conciousness. Even if there were separate very unpleasant physical realms and separate very agreeable physical realms you would have free will within them and therefore the power of change within them.

    Regardless of what spiritual institution you might be an "official" member of it does not have critical power over your spiritual status. The word "official" is an abstract concept and therefore a debatable concept.

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      Kathryn L Hillposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Well, yes!  If only the extremists would listen to the logic presented here.

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      colorfuloneposted 24 months agoin reply to this

      No contest.

      Worth reading...be heard!

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    Kathryn L Hillposted 2 years ago

    Someday the terrorists will stop their abusing. When the truth sets them free of their false doctrines and ridiculous dogmas. They have the most to gain by finding the truth which is right over there ...

    on the couch,
    under the blanket,

    He went to the window and looked outside. She was not there.
    He dragged his blue blanket out the front door.
    She was not there.
    He let go of the blanket to climb the stairs to her room.
    She was not there.
    He sat down and cried as loud as he could.
    So, he ran into to the next room and hid under his brother's bed.
    In misery of being so alone, he stayed there for many minutes.
    Then he crept back downstairs to the living room where he had been …

    on the couch,
    under the blanket,

    Oh, there she was.