Moses or Elijah in a Black Leather Jacket...

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    fierycjposted 8 years ago

    I love the Bible.It really is my favorite book.I know it sounds awfully religious to say,but I dont care.Besides,durr!It is a religious forum,right.Anyways, in my lifetime I must have read through the Good book a gazillion times.The Christ is my favorite character,but besides him is Moses and Elijah. I love these guys so much,that I remember as a kid I used to picture myself as one of them,as Moses leading the children of Israel with the rod or Elijah on a mountain calling down fire from heaven.Except I wouldnt be wearing any of those robes they used to put on,but this really cool black leather jacket.And not just that,when I would part the red sea,the sea breeze would blow all over my jacket as it would flay in the wind,& I would look really cool. The damn movies can kill you,honest to God,they really can. And speaking of movies,wouldnt that be just about the coolest movie you ever saw. I'm definitely gonna make something like that.Of course I wont rewrite the Bible. I've got my own character. Paul Marshall.

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      streetfireposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Paul that is cool, sometimes i feel like the book of acts has not been finished so write on!