Are all dreams possible when you work for them?

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  1. dana825 profile image61
    dana825posted 9 years ago

    Are all dreams possible when you work for them?

  2. profile image0
    Ghost32posted 9 years ago

    I don't believe for a second that all dreams are possible in a practical sense.  Example:  Let's say that I, a rowdy Montana cowboy by nature, had decided from birth that my greatest dream was to be crowned Miss America.  Yeah.  Right. Dream on, cowboy.

    I DO believe that MOST dreams are possible when you work for them...the most important question being:  Are you willing to pay the price?  Example:  As a young child, I dreamed of becoming World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider.  Then, at the age of 19 (and with a few years of actual rodeo experience), I reevaluated both my native talent and the price I was willing to pay.

    As a result, I downgraded the dream to making the National Finals in Bull Riding by the age of 24.  That WAS more in line with my genetic abilities, but at the age of 22, the PRICE slapped me upside the head...and I quit rodeo entirely, just at the point where my peers knew I could ride a pretty fair bull. 

    Summary:  Work is part of the price tag for realizing any dream, but far from the only price.  If you're willing to "Always Pay Full Retail" for the dream, then yes, in MOST cases the dream will turn out to be possible.

  3. A_K profile image81
    A_Kposted 9 years ago

    Is your question (i) are all dreams of an individual possible when they work for it or (ii) are all dreams for everyone possible that work to achive them.
    The anser to second question is theoretically yes, practically no. The answer to first question is "yes" provided an individual recognizes their dream. There cannot be just too many dreams for an individual even as there may be too many fanciful wishes. An individual ultimately has one or very few dreams that are related because an individual's dream springs out of their innermost soul. And I firmly believe an individual that can really visualize their dream has almost won half the battle and all their actions, thoughts and behavior, their very being will be committed to fulfilment of this dream. Most of us actually don't have dreams, we have illusions of dream. Dream is not something that comes to you when you sleep. It is something that robs off your sleep. When your dream does this to you, consider yourself lucky, you are well ahead on the road to fulfillment.
    As for the second part not every one can ever have a dream. The reason why only 99 percent or 90 percent rule of success applies in any endeavor is because only one or ten percent of the people have a dream that is literally a dream; not that competition is tough out there.

  4. pjk_artist profile image65
    pjk_artistposted 9 years ago

    Dreams are much easier to convert into reality when one lives and thinks FROM their dreams... as opposed to ABOUT their dreams.

    If Ghost32 really wanted to be crowned Miss America  it would happen.  Obviously, many things would have to happen first. (lots of plastic surgery for example)(or maybe a discrimination lawsuit).

    If Ghost32 lived his days, thinking, talking, acting, dressing like a beauty queen...and was completely possessed and driven by his goal... Then I say he would be crowned "Miss Ghost32".

    The power of faith is proven time and time again.


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