An old story/legend set in your state. Is there any truth to it?

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    LowellWriterposted 9 years ago

    An old story/legend set in your state. Is there any truth to it?

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    Patty Inglish, MSposted 9 years ago

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    RobertPalmerposted 8 years ago

    The tomb of Colonel Jonathan Buck--the founder of Bucksport (a coastal town right down the street from where I live) is marked by a stain in the shape of a witch’s foot.  It’s said that he either hung or burned a witch (though everybody around here doubts that ever happened) and the cursed stain is a reminder to future generation of that evil deed.  It’s an interesting story but the most interesting part is that no matter how often the town tries to clean the stain off, it always comes back.   
    I grew up hearing the legend and always had to look for the “foot” when we drove past the gravesite. 
    There are several versions of the story but most of them follow that same vein.  Unfortunately for fans of the macabre, there are several glaring holes in this quaint tale.
    1)    Jonathan Buck was not a judge, inquisitor, or even in a position of power to have ever condemned anyone—let alone a witch.
    2)    Buck lived and died long after the Witch Scare of the 1600s
    3)    The witch scare never made it as far north as Maine (at least on official records)
    There was some recent resurgence in the popularity of the tale when the town launched a beautification project and replaced the crumbling wall around the cemetery in which Buck’s remains reside with a wrought iron fence.  Local feared that messing with the burial site would either strengthen the curse or that the work the town was doing would somehow wash away the foot and nobody else would come spend their cash in town because they wanted to see the creepy cursed tombstone.

    Here are some links but the info in them is pretty much all hearsay. … ksport.htm