How would you get people to operate in their callings and their pastor does not

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  1. Tamarii2 profile image59
    Tamarii2posted 9 years ago

    How would you get people to operate in their callings and their pastor does not ? Explain

  2. jayday1950 profile image60
    jayday1950posted 9 years ago

    Well as a pastor I would let the membership know that everybody is somebody in the church and that everyone has a gift that God has blessed them with. I would build up their gifts according to Ephesians 4 by teaching them and encouraging them. I would also remind them to "stir up the gift that is in them". In other words..." Let the Lord Use Ya". I believe in delegating, I believe also in having a church administration. The Pastor cannot and should not try to do everything in the church.
        There is a thing called professional jealousy that rears its ugly head even in the church and it should not be. God wants a church where love leads the worship service and peace prays the prayer and mercy minds the music ministry. God wants a church where Grace directs the choir and where faith lifts the offering and where the Holy Spirit is on preaching duty each at each service. There ought to be unity in the church. If i have a young preacher who is better in counseling than i am then i am going to use him. I will not be like the first king of Israel whose name was Saul. He was very insecure because he had a soldier under him that the people were very proud of. they sang Saul killed his thousands but David tens of thousands. Because of his insecurity he became angry, then jealousy turned to rage and eventually he tried to kill David. But look, this is the kicker. all Saul had to do was realize that he had some talented folk serving under him and that made him look good because at the end of the day who is the king? Its Saul right? same thing in our churches . We have so many talented people in the church that make the pastor look good because of their gifts, and at the end of the day the Pastor is still the overseer of the church. I 'll tell you what I do. i use them because it takes pressure off of me. Thank You Jesus. I hope this has helped you. Be Blessed

    In Christ,

  3. Tamarii2 profile image59
    Tamarii2posted 9 years ago

    Pastor:jayday1950.God Is truly using you and your family.You sound very knowledgeable.God has allowed you to explain it so well.Thanks,peace.

  4. writesketchbead profile image61
    writesketchbeadposted 9 years ago

    I attended a church many many years ago whose pastor was not 'walking with God'. He cared little about how the church grew, threatened lawsuits every time he left a church (if they were to say anything negative about him), and his dealings with his family actually caused me great distressed. I witnessed him in a resturant abandan his two year handicapped grandson at the table alone. Why, becouse his daughter-in-law was in the restroom and he wanted to leave and pay. He firmly believed his grandson was her responsibility and even though he is the one who abandoned him, if the boy got hurt, it was her fault.

    God does not abandon his children. Unfortunately, this experience also reminded me that just becouse someone has excepted the role of pastor, it does not mean they did so out of love for God. Religious organizations are a great way to satisfy a need for power. Satan loves to promote that. Regardless, a church is a body. A unit. If the only way that your church grows is thru the pastor alone- then the church has failed. Bible studies, youth groups, prayer chains, spiritual weekends and many other activities encourage members to take charge of their faith and roll in the church. DO NOT LEAVE IT TO YOUR PASTOR TO BEGIN, ORGANIZE, AND RUN THESE. Step up. Best place to start is with a bible study.

    My father was a pastor. I watched him struggle to be numerouse people at once. He organized the youth groups; he organized bible studies and retreats; he prepared his weekly sermons; he ministered to four seperate nursing homes; besides his private prayer time, he ran prayer meetings; he counseled people even in the middle of the night; he was a police chaplen(sp) called apun at any hour; and so much more. I loved him dearly and greatly admire the strength it took for him to be all that he was for his church, his faith- GOD. But he was wrong in a way. When your pastor is the only promoting all this, they rest of the church becomes lazy. They neglect their own spiritual callings. After all some one else is handling it.
    Pray. What is your spiritual calling? Start there. God does not want you to be more than he calls you to be. Sometimes people just need to see another step up to remember that being a christian is not just sitting in a pew on Sunday. Be an example


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