What do you think about Apologetics?

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    Kebennett1posted 8 years ago

    What do you think about Apologetics?

    It is supposed to be the work of convincing people to change their views.  In this, it is similar to preaching because its goal is ultimately the defense and presentation of the validity and necessity of the gospel. It is an attempt to persuade the listener to change his beliefs and life to conform to biblical truth and to come to a saving relationship in Christ. Is it Christian based?

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    masters_loseyposted 8 years ago

    The way I think it should be understood is that it is NOT to persuade anyone or make anyone conform to any belief system but actually to share a reasonable answer as to why we believe that.  If anything it should make the person think about the reasonable testimony of Christianity, it does not mean that they have to conform to it, that's all on the person's choice whether to believe in it.  The person should actually think for him or herself.

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    Antecessorposted 8 years ago

    Apologetics is the attempt by learned men to cover up contradictions in scripture. They hammer and paint any scripture to fit any interpretation they desire. When you closely examine ANY apologetics the explanations fall apart.

    For example there are three genealogies of Jesus in the bible.
    Luke 3:21-31
    Chronicles3: 10-16

    Each one has major differences from the others. Not all could be correct. Apologetics such as water rock explain this as follows:
    Luke is through marys fathers line
    Chronicles is through josephs line
    Matthew is a flawed version of Chronicles due to poor record keeping by the jews.

    However they forget that Matthew quotes from chronicles several times. And also we run into a major problem when we get to the name Salathiel and his son Zorobabel which are shared by both lists. See Mary's fathers line says that Salathiel was the son of Neri whereas Josephs line says that he was the son of Jechonias. Unless Neri and Jechonias were homosexual parents to Salathiel, there is no possible way to resolve this conflict. Even trying to go the way of father-inlaw like with Josephs father (both Heli and Jacob) doesnt work because if Salathiel's wifes father was Neri and Salathiel's father was Jechonias then the Mary's fathers line would be broken.

    The bible is rubbish and the sooner evryone wakes up to reality the better.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Bible-Contradic … y-of-Jesus

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