Is it fair for a Just wise GOD, to punish someone forever in hell, if they only

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  1. profile image41
    hoppoposted 9 years ago

    Is it fair for a Just wise GOD, to punish someone forever in hell, if they only sinned for 70 years

  2. Bogfrog profile image53
    Bogfrogposted 9 years ago

    If you believe in a just god, then you deserve to be punished.

  3. Peter Dickinson profile image80
    Peter Dickinsonposted 9 years ago

    Who would want to believe in a GOD that threatened such a punishment? What is sin? If you are an unbeliever or believe in another GOD and believe what you are doing is right the surely it cannot be 'wrong'? If you are insane, if even temporarily, and you are not responsible for your actions then how can some all knowing all loving just GOD condemn you to hell fire for eternity.

  4. Allan McGregor profile image60
    Allan McGregorposted 9 years ago

    Thank you for your stimulating question Hoppo. It's not at all difficult to answer, but I found it impossible to do so in the answerbox format provided. HubPages rejected my response as too long, so I will reply in a new hub shortly, using your question as the title, which I shall credit to you.

  5. bliss finder profile image53
    bliss finderposted 9 years ago

    If a person is aware that they have "wronged" (for the sake of avoiding the word sinned), taking some sort of action to fix things and get rid of the guilt is what's  needed for the sake of that individual's mental health. If a person lives with a feeling of guilt and remorse that already is HELL to me.
    Is it fair? Fairness is a subjective topic. I personally don't feel it's fair or very intelligent of me to have wasted  my energy and passion into believing and supporting a God who would be so unreasonable and unrelenting.

  6. scriber57 profile image61
    scriber57posted 9 years ago

    If God was going to punish anyone forever for their sins, he should have punished Adam and Eve, since they are the ones who made us all imperfect. But God told him he would die for his sin, he did NOT tell him he would burn forever in hell. Think about it. I do not believe in a burning hell. Hell (hades; Sheol) refers to the common grave of mankind, the place where your body rots after you die. I do not believe in an immortal soul that lives on past death.

  7. writesketchbead profile image59
    writesketchbeadposted 9 years ago

    Interesting question-
    I do not know when I will die. But I do know that until that day comes I am going to do some really stupid things. Yes, I am going to sin. I do my best not to but then I am not perfect. So if I live for 70 years and fail to keep my footing the entire time- will I be punished for eternity. No. Christ did not suffer, die, spend three days in hell, and rise again so that I could squirm for eternity. But then I believe. I know I do not deserve to walk with God. God loves me just the same. I am afraid it is the ones that do not answer to Christ knocking on thier hearts door that face that reality. If we reject God, how can we expect to be with him after judgement day. It is one of the most difficult realities to face. We are responsible for our choices. Christ saved us from paying the ultimate price but if we reject him- we reject God's gift. It is not a sin here and there but a life choice. God or no God. Christ died only or He rose. Your choice determines your out come.


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