If God Created Humans,Who Created Him & The People That Roamed The Earth When He

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    |♥poke☼|posted 8 years ago

    If God Created Humans,Who Created Him & The People That Roamed The Earth When He Was Human?

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    HappyHerposted 8 years ago

    God was never human and humans did not create him - only our idea of him.  That's kind of like saying we can create a cow, or dirt.  He/She/It, whatever this Life Force, "God", whatever you want to call it has always been and will always be.  We can never have a true understanding of that, but sometimes, if you truly lose yourself in a sunset, or watch the flowers bloom and fade, only to bloom again, you might get just a slight hint of that "something" we can never truly name.

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    i am cazzaposted 8 years ago

    im private in my belief but i dont believe in the story of the bible, this is also my personal view and i apologise for anyone who does not agree but religion is a personal view and we are all entitled to our own belief. i do not beleive that we are truly ever ment to know what created us if any 'thing' did. i think the general answer that god was always there and always will be is a product of human arrogance, meaning that us as a race are supposidly the most intellegent and must give an answer to every question, i am not of arrogent mind and so i can admit i dont know the answer to this question and i also accept i may never know even in death. the animals with thier 'inferior' intellegence seem happy to live not knowing thier 'creator' so why cant we be. my question would be is our intellegence a blessing or just a curse to cause segragation within our race? sorry to deep?lolxxxx love to you all whatever you beleive be happy and respect one and other.