The following statement is true / false: there is no God -lets talk about it-

  1. Lee Boolean profile image55
    Lee Booleanposted 9 years ago

    The following statement is true / false:
    there is no God
    -lets talk about it-

  2. Sara Tonyn profile image56
    Sara Tonynposted 9 years ago

    False. I don't know what God is (or even what to call it) but I know human beings didn't create the universe on their own so I figure there must be something else out there that's superior to us.

    I don't believe "God" has a sex and I don't believe God/Yaweh/Allah/whatever wants us to live in fear of it. Very interesting stories in the Bible and other holy books, but that's it. Just interesting stories -- written by human beings.

    I suspect "God" is the actually sum total of everything that exists which means we're part of God, albeit not the brains. This "God" has a core, a powerful force of some kind that everything else feed into and feeds off of equally, assuring God's perpetuity.

    Visually speaking, think of the center of God as the ultimate atom! Everything else (including us) are the protons ("Good"), electrons ("Evil") and neutrons (equal amounts of Good and Evil) circling it in perfect balance.

    The center, the core atom, plus everything that's circling it makes up the total package, i.e., "God".

    Anybody following any of that? My head hurts...

  3. EdG. profile image60
    EdG.posted 9 years ago

    Ever heard the phrase "innocent until proven guilty"? Well this is the same basic concept. God is nonexistent until proven otherwise through evidence.

    As for those who attach God's name to nature or the universe or some all-encompassing life-force, I find this intellectually dishonest since it breeds false associations. Essentially, this stance validates the stance of believers in a personal God such as Yaweh or Allah. If you mean universe or nature just say that, don't even bother putting God in the equation.

    And personally, I find the belief in "intelligent-design" in general to be incredibly arrogant. We have such pride in our own consciousness that we assume that anything of worth in the universe must have come from something of equal or greater consciousness. We can't even fathom that the universe might be a formation rather than a creation because of it's magnificence (which is entirely a matter of our own perception anyway). Then there's the "design" part which implies that it was designed for us. And they say atheists are arrogant!

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