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I want to learn WITCHCRAFT! And I want to be a Good Witch.

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    Harjasposted 8 years ago

    I want to learn WITCHCRAFT!
    And I want to be a Good Witch.

    I want to be a good witch because, I'm really INTERESTED in witchcraft religion etc. :-)

  2. ms jessica marie profile image72
    ms jessica marieposted 8 years ago

    so you said that you were interested in the witchcraft religion? a good book i have read when i was starting out was called "Wicca" by Raven Grimassi  Buckland's is always good too. they have a sort of textbook style to their books which is good for beginners.  be sure that you have read books of many of the other religions too, you want to have a clear view of what else is out there before conforming to one thing.  be sure to be educated before beginning to actually practice the craft as well, it is not something to simply toy with.

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    thranaxposted 8 years ago

    If you really want to be a witch, you have to come to this town where real witchery exists, or so many believe. If you ever get to take the trip this October, go to Salem, Massachusetts. That is where the art is really around all year, but its displayed then. Theirs a shop,  I forgot its name but its famous, where a witch lives and she shares her knowledge and how to do them. You can buy real potions and even have your future told, the scary part is it normally comes true. I dared not have mine told. Google the town, there is a lot of history as it was where the witch burnings were.


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    It's just meposted 8 years ago

    You've started out on  the right foot already - by asking questions. Two of the main goals in Witch Craft are wisdom and knowledge. My best reccomendation as a first text book is Raymond Bucklands "The Complete Book of Witchcraft" affectionately known in the witchy world as "the big blue book", it will give you a firm foundation to build upon. After that the direction you decide to take, in your life, and studies, is your own.
    Keep asking questions of the witchy community we are  generally a pretty patient group of people. Find other witches and Wiccans in your community most would be more than happy to help you.

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    Miriam Bensonposted 8 years ago

    I have been an initiated witch in the Gardnerian tradition for 30 years and I recommend that the first step is to think about why you want to become a witch. Good reasons are: seeking spiritual balance, looking for a religion without shame, want feel in tune with nature, etc. Inadequate reasons: the ability to take what you want, need to control situations with magic, feel powerful instead of helpless. In my experience, using the Craft for the wrong reasons can be very dangerous and can do spiritual damage. To be a witch, one must examine one's motives and follow the Wiccan Rede - "An ye harm none, do what you will."

    If you are seeking to nourish yourself, then asking questions is the next step. There are many books, people and other resources available. I recommend that you check out the web site 'The Witches Voice' at witchvox.com as they are a useful portal to the Wiccan community.  My favorite authors are Starhawk (The Spiral Dance) and Scott Cunningham. They are easy to understand and have no hidden agendas about making money by enticing you to buy the next new book of shiny spells to make you rich and famous like the author. Be well, do good works and keep in touch with the earth. (with a nod to Garrison Keillor)

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    Wombat Queenposted 8 years ago

    I think the best thing is to start with a journal the first step to any meaningful path is self discovery. I agree with Miriam Benson's advice. The book Witchcrafting by Phyllis Curott is my favorite, because she goes into why to do things not just how, I personally don't like Buckland's big blue but each person to their own.  After doing reading you might begin by reaching out to people in your local community-if you are under the age of 18 some groups will be more hesitant to be involved with you, but their is lots you can do on your own like learning to meditate or spending time in nature. If you have read some of the better known authors you are more likely to be taken seriously.

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    James Agbogunposted 8 years ago

    In Africa, Witchcraft is seen as a destructive practice that is responsible for an array of societal woes. Even the Witch is a victim in that she is possessed by a spirit that ultimately leave her destroyed in the form of Death, Lunacy or rejection by the larger society. But Witchcraft may vary as evident in the contents of the other response.

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    Wilhelmina Noirposted 8 years ago

    Read everything you can get your hands on. I can't stress this enough. Whether they are books on modern Wicca, ancient religion, mythology, even books of fiction, historical accounts, and religious texts of mainstream religions. Witchcraft has a wealth of history down many different avenues and it is worth it to get a feeling for why different people feel the way they do about the Craft. You don't have to agree with everything you read, but if it makes you raise questions, then it has served its purpose.

    Even if your intent for pursuing its study is less than noble, sometimes even people who pursue Witchcraft for bad reasons can find something worthwhile and valuable through the experience. Reading myriad sources can give you a good idea of which avenues you might like to pursue; which mythologies (if any) really take your breath away. This is the foundation for a path that can take you down many different roads.

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    blake4dposted 8 years ago

    Know Thyself...
    I have been at least a private practitioner of Wicca and Witchcraft for many years. My very kindest and wisest teacher Mary Berry once said to me : 90% of the road to being a good Witch is wanting to be one. The other 10% is knowing you are.Take your path as it comes naturally and you will find your way.Remember, noone learns to become a witch, they are born one. Try to start off grounded in learning the way of the seasons and the spritual components that are our natural kindship with nature before worrying about spells or practicing the art of the craft. That stuff is mostly showy and not the heart of true Wicca.
    Blessed Be ;-)

    I would recommend starting out by reading 'The Spiral Dance' by Starhawk. And maybe 'The Medicine Wheel' by Sun Bear.

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    bibi16posted 7 years ago

    Then be one. It is as easy as choosing to do what you say you want to do. Be a good witch. Blessed Be. BB16

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    home witchposted 7 years ago

    I know this question in now rather old, but I felt I had to respond since I'm new to hubbing.
    I think many of the responses are spot on, you need to just begin. Become a member of the local library and read everything you can. Talk to other people, if you can't do it in person because declaring yourself a witch can be difficult at first, do it online. We are all willing to help - that is part of being a witch.
    Pay attention to the environment, honour the passing of the seasons and take responsibility for your actions and choices. Being a witch isn't hard but being a good one is. It means always being conscious of what you do and following the creed which is to harm none. Good luck, blessed be and do contact me if you need any help. I've been a witch since I was 15, and so have got 18 years of practice under my belt. For the first few years it was something I did in secret, my friends and supporters, my mentors and teachers were online since I was born a Muslim and I just couldn't come out in the open with my beliefs at that point in time.

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    penny90041posted 7 years ago

    the witch in every woman is a good book to start with.

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    chipowerposted 5 years ago

    I would suggest you read some books on the particular subject you want to study. If you are looking for "lighter magic", anything new age will give you a sense of what positive occult is ( mediums, telepathy, etc.). For the more... selfish type of magic, although there is no good or bad, ultimately, in magic, I suggest anything by Aleister Crowley ( http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&pag … %20Crowley ).

    If things like chi and kundalini are more your thing, you should try "Your Power : Tangible Occult" (http://www.shade.ca/yourpower), a book that actually tells you in few pages how to activate your first "power". This will eventually lead you on the path to astral projection and astral travel.

    Good luck in your experimenting!