What is the job of an Empath ?

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    chochang7763posted 8 years ago

    What is the job of an Empath ?

    I have just become an Empath lately and I have a question...I can not necessary see spirits ...I can sense their feelings 2 times more powerful then it would a normal empath...OR so I Have been told ... And my guide has told me that now that my abilities are quickly growing to an dormant power inside me that I have to learn how to do the job of helping a spirit cross over to the other side. How do I go about the transition because I can't tell my parents who are firm Christians and if it is something paranormal they would think im Loony....

    How do I go about understanding my abilites?

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    brittany9817posted 8 years ago

    well google and lots of reading for one. Talking to other empaths (find a coven and ask them to help you get in touch with one) is a better way to go but they will prob. get you to do a good bit of reading anyway.

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    progressiveWiccanposted 8 years ago

    I want to adddress the issue of your parents. 
    1 you never said your age so that somewhat limits my answer.
    2 if you do tell them read my hub so you can explain the truth over myth with christians.
    3 one thing we say is keep quiet to learn and remember the burning times. that is after years of innocent prosecution, silence is best.
    if you must tell your folks explain this is a gift that will help people and the god[dess] would not do this unless she felt you would be of good use to mankind.
    4 if they dont accept you, there is a community of others who will suppport you. but careful use those powers to be sure you are with people who want to help for good and not selfish reasons.
    blessed be~