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If you could see the spiritual war going on now & you had wisdom to make change,

  1. sroberts9 profile image82
    sroberts9posted 8 years ago

    If you could see the spiritual war going on now & you had wisdom to make change, what would you do?

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    useyourgiftposted 8 years ago

    I do not see the Spititual War, however; I have very strong feeling that it is not yet upon us but is in our future. I won't claim to fully understand these feeling of emotion but I will confess that I will be there when it begins. I have thought a lot about this and through my vessels I have learned that those who are there will be chosen and in this we will know where are convictions lay and who we are loyal to. it is not for one to solve, it is for the loyalty and love of the masses that will prevail. Find you place, understand who you are, and what your position will be.

    Having stated the above, I will also offer this. Use your gift and your wisdom to help those around you with the challenges of life. Your gift will give you great understanding and insight into life's challenges; insight that others are not blessed with. Helping others with things they do not understand may make the change you speak of in the here and now.

    Question: have you had stranger walk up to you and introduce themselves just because they had an overwhelming urge or sense of duty to do so?

    OH, don't let it confuse you... you will know your role when you are prepared to accept it; not a moment sooner!

    All the best

  3. Paradise7 profile image85
    Paradise7posted 8 years ago

    sroberts9, and useyourgift, this is a fascinating question.  Can you help me to understand it better?  Do you mean a spiritual war between Good and Evil; God and Satan?  Or do you mean a spiritual revolution, where people begin to strive to reach a higher level by placing more importance on spiritual things rather than material things?

  4. sroberts9 profile image82
    sroberts9posted 8 years ago

    Paradise7 and useyourgift please allow me to clarify.  There is a spiritual war going on right now for our souls but, most of us can not see it or we choose not to acknowledge the real power that is going on.  We give credit to "bad luck" "bad karma" "wrong place, wrong time" and we feel the torment and tortue as it effects our lives and the lives of others we know and do not know.     

    My question is?  If you could see him in the act of planning or performing a tormenting and torturing act to someone, (loved one or friend, foe,) and you had the wisdom (knowledge) to make a change, what would you change? or would you do anything at all? (let be, that be)  but,  if you say that you would step in there and do something, what would you do and why would you choose that to do?