What is the Universal Life Church?

  1. Maddie Ruud profile image80
    Maddie Ruudposted 8 years ago

    What is the Universal Life Church?

    What are the beliefs and/or ceremonies involved?

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    J.S.Matthewposted 8 years ago

    Hello and sorry I took so long to answer!  The Universal Life Church is a non-denominational church that ordains any person regardless of faith, as long as they follow the Church's motto: "Do What Is Right".  The majority of these ordinations are done online and there have been many famous people who have been ordained through the Universal Life Church.  The following is a cut and paste direcly from the Church's website:

    "Ministers Network of the Universal Life Church

    As an Ordained Minister we welcome you to our full spectrum all faiths, non-denominational ministry. Over the years millions of ULC ministers have been ordained through the Universal Life Church worldwide, prominent figures such as Johnny Carson, Lawrence Welk, Sharon Stone, Tony Danza and numerous other Famous Ministers have left their mark on their journey. It is your turn to do so now.

    Whether you are going to perform weddings and funerals or perhaps even baptize children; you have made the decision to take your life into a leadership position. That position emboldens you to pilot your own ship and to speak truth to power and to persevere on your own Journey of Life. Should you fail, remember to get up, dust off and start all over again. It may not be the way of others but it is your way. Share your thoughts in the Blog and join hands in Fellowship with others in our common goal to recognize that “We are All Children of the Same Universe” – and we all have a right to be here."

    (Br. G Martin Freeman)

    For more information, check out the site:


    For the record, I was raised a Catholic and went to Catholic schools for most of my life.  I am ordained by the Monastery and I do believe in Jesus Christ.  I am sure that there are people who abuse the privledge of being ordained, but I can assure you that in my experiences within the network, most people are just.  It is wrong to label all Ministers of this Church as being frauds, satanists, anti-christ, et. al.

    Feel free to write back to me and don't forget to check out the site-it will answer most of your questions.

    J.S. Matthew (Rev.)

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    nochanceposted 8 years ago

    As far as I know it is simply a church where anyone can become a minister and do nothing for it. A friend of mine recently became ordained through it. Yeah, so all we have to do now is get him the license and he can preform marriages and stuff. Basically it's just a title for a church that anyone can join. I don't know much about it though.