I hope this isn't terribly naive. Do you still have doubts?

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    ava c.posted 8 years ago

    I hope this isn't terribly naive. Do you still have doubts?

    Can Teresita supply more info. that would completely convince you?

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    maricarboposted 8 years ago

    Teresita has disappeared from the picture now.  She was waiting for that moment of truth, when she would appear to me in the most efficient manner possible, so that I might get "the message" that we had agreed upon.  Once the message arrived in my head and in my heart, I knew instantly.  Only when one experiences such a thing, can one truly know in one's heart and mind that what has transpired is real.  And I do not doubt NOT EVEN AN INSTANCE that it was truly she who appeared and spoke our agreement.  She is free now to do whatever she was programmed to do next.  She might have reincarnated already, or she might still be in the spiritual world.  I will not know unless I am able to contact another psychic who will be able to see if she responds from the spiritual world...because I am not psychic enough to find out in that manner....but I do not need to bother her any more because of it.  No, I do not doubt that there is a spiritual world out there.  I know now that it is a reality.  But I do not expect you to believe me.  You must find out for yourself.  I suggest that you find someone with whom to make a similar pact, and be attentive.  Do not make the pact and then forget about it.  Know that quite possibly, a long time will pass, as in my case.  But you have to remain attentive to both your insides and your outside.....listen, listen for the answer.  It will come.  In my case, what happened was MORE THAN ENOUGH proof.  It was exactly what I needed.