has anyone else had the experience of being spiritually stalked? this persons sp

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  1. profile image50
    tubhubposted 12 years ago

    has anyone else had the experience of being spiritually stalked? this persons spirit shows up in...

    my apartment, he threatens me with weapons and tries to hurt me and then his spirit disappears. he's a wealthy celebrity who lives in the united states. how do i legally deal with this? i am being harassed and spiritually stalked. he has a webpage where he writes horrible things such as "let the accuser slay you", and then he removes them so after I had time to think about my rights and what he was doing I have no evidence.

  2. micadeolu profile image39
    micadeoluposted 12 years ago

    Send me his web address. I will contact and advice him privately and then come back to you and tell you what to do.

    If you are a child of God, all weapons fashioned against you shall never prosper!

  3. Sue St. Clair profile image73
    Sue St. Clairposted 10 years ago

    Being spiritually stalked is not a topic that is talked about much, yet happens more than people want to admit. Although I have not been spiritually stalked, I was acquainted with a person who did psychic or spiritual stalking. This male individual often used his stalking to seduce females. He studied spiritual principles and dreams for a long period of time. After some years of practice, he learned how to soul travel and then mentally enter other people's dreams and do his stalking that way. At the time he told me all this, it sounded so way out I wondered if it was a wild imagination, psychosis or true spiritual stuff. Given his knowledge of spiritual matters, I was inclined to believe he was telling me the truth.

    It was pretty extreme when I heard it. Since that time, I have encountered other people and episodes where similar events occurred. Let me know if you find any solid answers to what you are looking for.

  4. JayDeck profile image58
    JayDeckposted 9 years ago

    I have the same thing happening to me! I'm being spiritually stalked by a small yellow man named Bob! He comes into my house every night and scrubs my bathroom clean. When I ask what he's doing he says, "Go back to bed Patrick." My names not Patrick! What do I do????

  5. Emanate Presence profile image74
    Emanate Presenceposted 9 years ago

    In my experience, each of us has the innate natural authority to stop such stalking.

    When you believe in yourself, you can take command of the situation.

    Once you have done this with your full will, let it go.


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