Evolution for Every One . .

  1. Eng.M profile image71
    Eng.Mposted 8 years ago

    written by a very excellent writter and biologist .

    very nice logic but didn't look totally connected to the point I search for in Evolution ( the Origin of Species ) .

    it identify some kind of thinking that you don't leave anything to spirits or things those can not be examined by absolute common scienific ways .

    some other evolutionists may have strong thought that things don't need to be sorted in either chance or plan only .
    they rather belive that a mix or something else exists .

    but most of them do suggest great thinking techniques like this book author . he ecourges in clear statements and good examples to think outside a limited or slowely increasing range .

    Could there be something else besides chance and plan ?
    I do NOT think so and I might be wrong