Idea of God and idea f Religion

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  1. Irene McManman profile image55
    Irene McManmanposted 9 years ago

    it seems to me, the idea of God is our need in Him. We call it that way in order to establish some grounds for communication. Some people call it God, and it unites them into communities, gives the illusion of connection with each other, which we call religion.
    How people call the unknown defines cultures, morals and so on…Once being established the metaphor starts a process of reproduction. What is a Big Bang, if not just a metaphor after all? And there is whole religious movement sprang out of it….

    1. Paraglider profile image93
      Paragliderposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      A Big Bang is a non-scientific journalist's label for something scientists understand pretty well. People who make a 'religion' out of it are numbered among those without the scientific/mathematical ability to understand it.

    2. profile image43
      danny heimposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Not quite true, there are offshoots of religiocity from the big bang theroy, but the big bang theory by itself has to do with science only.

  2. dingdong profile image60
    dingdongposted 9 years ago

    @ OP

    Man created God(the concept of it)... Is that what you mean?

  3. bennyjet profile image53
    bennyjetposted 9 years ago

    You seekers of LIGHT should go check out 'KEYLONTIC SCIENCE' otherwise i can return in a year to this site...and simply know you have just been running around in circles...chasing your own tails. then perhaps you may gaver insight into MANIFESTATION, THE LAWS OF PROVISION, THE LAW OF 'ONE', DEVINE EQUALITY, THE PHYSICS OF SPIRITUAL IDENTITY,THE BIRTHRIGHT OF EMPOWERMENT,

  4. RedElf profile image89
    RedElfposted 9 years ago

    I have heard God referred to as a Good Orderly Direction.

    It seems to me that belief in God need not exclude the trappings of religion, nor deny belief in the power of the mind, the universe, or personal empowerment.

    God, Good Orderly Direction, the Universe, Allah, Logic, the Mind, whatever you care to name cares only that we believe in something within or beyond ourselves.

    Faith may include many things, and can be far more active and enlivened when we seek to include, rather than hedge ourselves round to ward off that which may not exactly fit our own ideas.

  5. chukra G profile image56
    chukra Gposted 9 years ago

    i got millions of questions and trying to answer to it, i feel i am most stupid when im doing it in front of the person who knows --no question but only answer-- i am trying to be smart in front of him while i knew that he got the answer BUT he cant give it to me by words.


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