What are your thoughts on the Baptists in Haiti?

  1. Stan Fletcher profile image74
    Stan Fletcherposted 8 years ago

    What are your thoughts on the Baptists in Haiti?

    Should they be prosecuted?  Serve jail time?

  2. RTalloni profile image89
    RTalloniposted 8 years ago

    We are not being given the whole story on this situation, but we do know that Haiti's government has a history of "granting" permission with paperwork, then changing that permission and paperwork without notifying the foreigners trying to help children/families, thereby endangering both the mission (whether it is a corporate effort of a group/church, or a family trying to adopt a needy child) and the individuals involved. 

    Seems like this is a lucrative way for the government of Haiti to catch people off guard and dig deeper into their pockets.  It is something that is commonly practiced by governments in poor countries--often as poor as they are because of the corruptness of their governments.

    This takes the question to how we can make sure that Haiti uses what is given to them for the best interests of its children/families/people.  We cannot, but we can continue to pray for others at work there, including our armed forces, and do what we are able to do as individuals and churches here.

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