Do You Sincerely Love Your Neighbors As You Love Yourself?

  1. ngureco profile image82
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    Do You Sincerely Love Your Neighbors As You Love Yourself?

    If you are unable to love that devil that is your neighbor whom you can see with your own eyes, how then do you go about saying you love God whom you cannot see?

  2. commisioner profile image60
    commisionerposted 8 years ago

    well you assume a lot. and you seem to ask questions that try to create controversy. for me i love my neighbor until he/she proves to be unworthy. as for god or the devil, i do not believe in them. i do however believe in a higher power and an afterlife. the higher power i believe in does not interfere with the life i live and only sets up a lodge (home) for me in the afterlife. i get my guidance from my ancestors and elders through their stories and experiences. right and wrong are clearly defined to me by them and my own life. how i want to be treated is how i treat others unless they try to do harm to me or mine. then all bets are off.
    pride is not a sin in my life and my lodge will not be given to me if i live a bad life. i have seen it in dreams and it sure beats what the bible offers.

  3. terced ojos profile image61
    terced ojosposted 8 years ago

    I am a Christian person. 

    My neighbors are um weird.  One of my neighbors relatives was living in a camper on his property and had a nasty habit of coming out of his camper in broad daylight and urinating on the fence in front of my mother-in-law and my four school aged sons.

    This guy was easily 45 years old and had no mental deficiencies of record.

    When I approached him and asked him to at least go behind a tree or something he began to become offended.

    I politely suggested in my "Christian" way that he either find a restroom or a tree he could relieve himself behind  or else I would begin to assist him in his understanding of common decency and what it means to be a "MAN."

    Suffice to say that he decided it would be much easier to move off of the property than to be forced to become a man.

    Still I said a prayer for him and I wish him well.

    I pray that loving my neighbors would become easier for me.

    Some days I'm really good at it; other days well....i'm not so good at it.....

    I do really try though.



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