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God: Why Do Many Hardworking People Never Seem To Prosper?

  1. ngureco profile image83
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    God: Why Do Many Hardworking People Never Seem To Prosper?

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    heart_starposted 8 years ago

    Life is a game , you have to  know how to play the game. In this time ,when the competition is very big ..you have to  take the rule  and show up ,what you can do ....Many of the hardworking people are busy and obsessed with they are work  then to take the things in they are hands and show up...To look in the future ,to find the inspiration ...to ask yourself " what i want from my life", to make a list/plan  of the  things "what i want ", how to get  it ,...and start working on it..improve your self ,  you can do it ... you 'll find your success..But you have to believe in your self first of all..

    Some times things  don't go very well as we expect  ... because some idiot who doesn't know anything will come and ruin everything what you have built all life ...because they are playing unfair  .. you have to prepare very well and  and DO NOT TRUST EVERYBODY, is good to have one person but can't be everybody..

    I wish you good luck ...

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    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    Believers in "God" and socialism usually have a belief that hard work is valuable.  Not necessarily, in REAL life.  Prosperity is an economic term.  All work is NOT equally economically valuable.  If a person has no skills, and works hard at a job that anyone can do, there is little economic value to that job, and he/she will not prosper.

    BTW, politics is a system for those who have no economic contribution to make (politicians, bureaucrats, welfare queens, illegal aliens, lawyers..) may still prosper.

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    possibil8ysposted 8 years ago

    Twelve hours after casting this question into the ether and so far the only two answers focus on a very specific type of prosperity:  financial.  That's not surprising; yet it seems an extremely narrow perspective for a word that has huge potential.  There are as many ways to prosper as there are people to define the boundaries. 

    In addition, it seems unreasonable to ask God why hard-working people fail to prosper.  Try to find a god who doesn't both define prosperity and explain in great detail what it takes to achieve it.  No... God - any god - wants people to prosper and tells them how, so it's unnecessary to ask.

    Just the same, we all know good people who work hard and follow the rules but somehow miss the mark when it comes to filling the prosperity basket.  More than likely, it boils down to lack of attention.

    They could have good health, but they don't pay attention to the information readily available that will help them find it and keep it. 

    They could have good relationships, but they don't pay attention when they see the same problems cropping up repeatedly in their lives.  Or maybe they recognize the patterns but don't watch for sources that could provide good solutions.

    They could have peace and harmony in their lives, but they don't notice how they allow certain people to take that away from them.  Or maybe they see what people are doing, but don't find ways to make their influence impotent.

    They could have a financial cushion to fall back on or to use to their advantage, but they don't notice all the little habits that daily eat away at their resources.  Or maybe they notice the things that fritter their money away, but complain while denying the potential for change.

    There are many ways to prosper that have nothing to do with money.  A person who lives in fear due to the influence of evil people in his life might happily trade his money for a carefree life lived on a tight budget.  Someone with terminal cancer or debilitating pain could easily be imagined trading financial prosperity for a healthy life.  Someone who recognizes the value of their beloved family, trusted friends, well-honed skills and the beauty of their world might never miss the kind of prosperity suggested by both the posed question or the initial answers.

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    hfc7036posted 8 years ago

    It's just a fact of life.  Hard work won't always get you to prosperity, but if you sit and do nothing, it definitely won't come to you.  Be sure to listen to what's around you and realize if you're working too hard at the wrong thing.

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    chellehernandezposted 8 years ago

    My  personal and humble thoughts...

    Prosperity  would mean a lot.   Prosperity in terms of monetary, however, not necessarily that they are fulfilled and happy. 

    At times, it is odd though that those who seem to be working hard,  seems like that they are struggling financially but who knows;  maybe there is a satisfaction, joy and pride in what they do.  Such is a different level of prosperity which is beyond the material things that surround us.

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    scentualhealingposted 8 years ago

    it depends on what your lessons are to learn for this lifetime