Was Prophet Moshe truly A'aferti Ankh-Aten?

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    Neferkaptahposted 7 years ago

    Was Prophet Moshe truly A'aferti Ankh-Aten?

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    The name of Moshe, Moises, Moses and Musa are written in the Indo-European languages, but in the Semitic languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Ancient Egyptian is is rewritten as M-S and is pronounced as "Mos."

    Moshe beleived in one god so did Ankh-Aten. Moshe as Hebrew, and Ankh-Aten was Egyptian/Hebrew.

    Moshe killed a man so did Ankh-Aten. Moshe sister was Miriam "Mary", so did Ankh-Aten sister name Miriam.

    Moshe was found by the daughter of Pharaoh and he was raised as A'aferti' son, but there is a problem with this story and that is, "That no princess of Egypt was able to adopt a child when she was a virgin and unwed and no A'aferti "Pharaoh" of Egypt could adopt a Hebrew child as his own unless that child was truly his even if the mother was Hebrew!"

    Prophet Moshe declared war agianst the gods of Egypt and so did Ankh-Aten. Moshe was dethroned and sent into exile to the Sinai desert and the same happened to Ankh-Aten.

    The god of Moshe is identified with Adon, Adonai, IHVH and the Aten, which is the god of Ankh-Aten can be rewritten from the Egyptian to the Hebrew as Adon. Why? Because the Ancient Egyptian "T" is equal or equivalent to the Hebrew "D" changing the Aton in to Adon, which is one of the Hebrew names of the god of Israel.

    Don't forget that in those times, the Hebrews and the Ancient Egyptians had married each other's and some Egyptians didn't like this because the divine kings of Egypt took Hebrew women as wives and their offspring's had ascended to the throne of Egypt and the oldest brother of Ankh-Aten was murder as the high priest of Ptah, the Universal Demiurge that created the 7 Heavens of which 6 were chaotic and the 7th his most perfect creation and he was murder because he was of Hebrew and Egyptian anscestry.