Hey Joshua Kell, What is the main difference between the "CJB", the NIV OR KJV a

  1. mystic amy profile image75
    mystic amyposted 13 years ago

    Hey Joshua Kell,
    What is the main difference between the "CJB", the NIV OR KJV and the Catholic...

    bibles like the "NAB" or the New Jerusalem Bible" which include the supposed Apocrypha? Anyway, I am a fellow Hubber who writes under the name, Mystic Amy? Thanks 4 your comment by the way and for being my fan. Stop by me Angel/Heirarchy essay and drop me a line and your answer to my question.
    Thanks, Mystic Amy

  2. Joshua Kell profile image61
    Joshua Kellposted 13 years ago

    Hello Mystic Amy and Brother Yochanan. CJB, stands for The Complete Jewish Bible. I would never own a Bible from the Jesuits. I know one of those guys, and they are evil and heavy dudes usually. This guy was and is in a magickal order I used to belong to and practiced black magick. Occultism is actually included in their intense training and indoctrination. I do not mess with the occult any longer. I am greatfully a born again Messianc Jew, and will be for the rest of my life and eternity.

    I love Walter J. Veith also, I have a couple of his lectures about the Illuminati and Catholicism. He knows whats up, I can tell you as a former Illuminist myself. I would not trust any Bible from main steam Catholicism either. They are more responsible for corrupting the Scriptures than anyone else in the world. They even changed the ten commandments, abolished the true Sabbath, made up pergitory, sold indulgencies so people could sin and pay for it in money, ahead of the act itself. This is spitting in the face of the mercy and forgiveness offered us through Christ and is blashpemy. The 'Church' has murdered untold millions throughout their history.

    Not all apochryphal Scriptures are invalid though. In fact the Books of Baruch and Jubilees were even mentioned as Scripture in the Books Samuel and Joshua. Also jude quotes the Book of Enoch verbatem, even though that particular Book has lost some integrity in translation. There were also found other amazing texts with the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1948, well after cannonization process; such as the Testament of Amram (Amram was Moses levitical Priest father in law); or the Apocalypse of Moses, and I could go on.

    Now most. . .no all, Gnostic and Catholic apochrypha are a different matter all together. There is much deception to be found in those dark places.

    Amy, I have never read the NAB, or the New Jerusalem Bibles (all though I intend to check out the New Jerusalem Bible now that you've told me about it). The CJB (Complete Jewish Bible) is my favorite Bible. Even though I must have 20 or so Bibles, I tend to use that one the most.

    It was translated by Messianic Jew, David Stern. I love it because it carries so much Jewish Tradition and Language, and it includes the New Testament. I have been researching with it for about ten years now, and it is just lovely. We lose so much to translation in many Bibles. Next to the CJB, my favorite is the good 'ol KJV. It is a great translation, although I have found a few discrepencies (sp?), such as their replacing first fruits with easter (also a corruption of Passover). Easter is not in the original text, as it was a pagan holiday, especially back then. As to the NIV, that Bible has some quirks, but I use all three together, along with my trusty concordances, and usually am able to get to the true meaning.

    Well I hope that was an adequate aswer. Have a wonderful night Mystic Amy, and Brother Yochanan.


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