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I believe that God is different to each one of us. So, if you believe in God; Wh

  1. Frank Menchise profile image28
    Frank Menchiseposted 7 years ago

    I believe that God is different to each one of us. So, if you believe in God; What is your God like?

    You may or may not believe in God, as it is written in the Bible; but if you have any beliefs please describe them to us.
    Nowadays some people believe in God as He is described in the Bible, other may have a different opinion, and there are people that believe God is everything, and therefore we live within God and are part of God. What do you say to that?

  2. suny51 profile image57
    suny51posted 7 years ago

    i have tried to make my answer through this hub that i have just published in answer to your question.

  3. Alaster profile image55
    Alasterposted 7 years ago

    A being made out of pure energy that lives outside of our universe to watch over it.

  4. wachessor profile image58
    wachessorposted 7 years ago

    God is God.
    He is in the Bible.
    He made the Bible for us to read.
    We do not live in God.
    We live in God's creation.
    By obedience and baptism,
    the Holy Spirit lives in us.

    This is what I believe.
    Too many liberties have been taken to
    say, "I think God is this. I think God is that."

    To anyone reading this: read the Holy Bible
    and get an understanding for yourself.
    Don't go by what you hear God is...

  5. profile image37
    LORD ENKIposted 6 years ago

    What's my God like? Just like Lady Gaga,with the same wacky glasses and off the wall footwear,that's my god.