Do you agree with me that Toys R Us shouldn't sell Ouija boards?

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  1. talfonso profile image80
    talfonsoposted 8 years ago

    Do you agree with me that Toys R Us shouldn't sell Ouija boards?

    I just signed a petition via a Catholic ministry to the CEO of the store to discontinue the sale of Ouija boards. I think that when it sells what is innocuously considered a game (the board), I think they're using the concept of "Satan sells" (the occult equivalent to "sex sells") and it deviates children from the luminosity of God and his Saints. Don't you agree?

  2. Kelley Harmon profile image69
    Kelley Harmonposted 8 years ago

    I don't agree. Ouija boards don't deserve this urban legend of a reputation they get. Despite popular belief and friends of friends who were supposedly plagued by demons after the use of one... they're pretty harmless. I had one when I was a kid.

    If you don't like it, don't buy it for your child. I have a major issue with Bratz dolls. If I had a child, I wouldn't be buying them one, but I certainly wouldn't be protesting the store's right to carry them.

  3. dabeaner profile image60
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    I just consulted my Ouija board.  It spelled out something like "talfonso is a wack job.  Something bad is going to happen soon to her or her family.  Bwah-ha-ha-ha!"

    Primitive superstition.  Believing in the occultness of Ouija boards is no more stupid than believing in "God".

  4. AKaddanotherA profile image61
    AKaddanotherAposted 8 years ago

    Personally I think Ouija boards are a waste of time.  Sure, they're fun to use at a party to some extent just to see what messages you and your friends will agree to spell out, but that's about it.  Besides, I always thought it was about the dead talking to you, not Satan.  What's wrong with people from above coming down to send messages?

    If you don't want the kids to have it, like Kelley said, don't buy it.  But if you actually protest it and get it "outlawed" from a store, it will just add more to the rumors and more people will be trying to play with them.  Don't give the "game" more power by forming a petition against it.

    So I suppose the answer to your question is "No, I don't agree."

  5. Artisina profile image60
    Artisinaposted 8 years ago

    In order for an Ouija board to be a link to demons or satan, you have to believe in those things. I know a lot of people who use them in their religious rituals that have nothing to do with evil. This is a free country built on the belief that all people of all races, religions, and gender can live here in peace. Why try to push your beliefs on others? If you don't like it, don't buy it. We all need to start looking after our own journey with God, and leave others alone. There is no need for any belief to dominate over another. Remember, we are all created by God, God doesn't make junk, so we are all perfect the way we are. It is the love in our hearts that matter, not the way we try to control others. Concentrate on your journey and it will be deeper and stronger for the attention.

  6. terced ojos profile image60
    terced ojosposted 8 years ago

    Ouija boards have no power. Nor do pentagrams, upside down crosses or any other symbol human beings would like to call Satanic or Demonic.

    Demons are drawn to your desire for them not to the symbol you claim is Satanic.

    Conversely whenever you put a parental advisory sticker on something or prohibit or forbid something the desire for that item by the populus grows exponentially.

    Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest; actually your perception of the forbidden which is really something that is taking place in your mind makes the fruit taste better.

    Your mind is the garden.

  7. rocketjsqu profile image80
    rocketjsquposted 8 years ago

    I would have to say I disagree.  The Bible and the history of Christianity are positive proof that "do" and "don't do" laws and regulations on spiritual behavior have a minimal effect on human actions.  Your time might be better well spent promoting the positive benefits of avoiding such activity as the Ouija board.  I would have to agree with terced ojos on this one..."Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest."  Non-believers are already screaming about religious "restrictions".  Any media attention to the Ouija board could backfire and ultimately increase sales.

  8. Theology4Reality profile image59
    Theology4Realityposted 8 years ago

    I Half agree with you. I Agree Toys R Us shouldn't sell them, but for very different reasons.

    Personally, I'm not against Ouija boards. I do think they are witchcraft, and discourage Christians from consulting them. However, one's religious beliefs are their own, and they have every right to practice them as they see fit either in their own home, or in a gathering of like-minded individuals. I also need to say that Ouija boards are not supposed to communicate with Satan ("Satan Sells") but are meant to communicate with the dead.

    I personally am against them being sold in a toy shop because they are not toys, but rather powerful tools which can be very dangerous in the hands of a child. The big issue with Ouija boards is you - allegedly - communicate with the dead. But you have no way of actually picking a particular deceased person. Most fortune tellers and Wiccans will even discourage people from using Ouija boards because of the inherent dangers involved.

  9. Andrew8o5r profile image58
    Andrew8o5rposted 8 years ago

    If you dont like Ouija boards then don't buy them.

  10. Analog Talk profile image61
    Analog Talkposted 8 years ago

    Kids should be able to form their own opinions about everything. Children are curious -- the mystery surrounding the board is unknowingly perpetuated by those who shield others against it.

    One, I think faith in God should go hand-in-hand with respect for other people's beliefs. Following His teachings should be a personal choice, not something forced on you. Secondly, I think banning Ouija boards just proves that you BELIEVE what others say it can do... many people don't realize this but believing in BOTH God and "luck" or "fate" is very contradictory.

    Ultimately, the parents decide at the check-out counter. smile

  11. Gypsy1witch profile image73
    Gypsy1witchposted 3 years ago

    The Ouija board is as mysterious as the name. Originally started back as late in 1891.Hasbro, a company who now owns the board; once when purchased, one would seem "it's just a game, isn't it?", is as easy as it sounds.  Now when one purchases a Ouija board, one will open to it and find "Don't play Ouija if you think it's just a game". At a quick glance; my experience of the Ouija Board when I was in my younger teens; resulted in a evil entity of "ZoZo" coming through and the results were horrific to terrify me n my friends for centuries. I have since refuse to touch a Ouija Board. In my opinion; if you don't know what you're doing with this so called "game", don't touch it. You will open worlds you never thought with horrific consequences. My opinion is that any child toy store period should not sell this. However in 1891 when it was patented; it was merely a way for the investors to make a buck and today.


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