I am Neferkaptah "The Perfect Spirit of Ptah" and Imhotep "He Who Comes in Peace

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    Neferkaptahposted 7 years ago

    I am Neferkaptah "The Perfect Spirit of Ptah" and Imhotep "He Who Comes in Peace" and...

    Judean-Christianity's teachings, the Ten Commandments and the patriarch of the Semitic Hebrews are all based on Ancient Egyptian's religions, which teaches spiritual and universal wisdom, understanding and truth?

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    ixwaposted 7 years ago

    Neferkaptah: Hi! I received an e-mail from the editor of HubPages informing me that you'd like me to write or answer your question. This will take, at a minimum, a whole long Hub, and a lot of research. I will just cite something which I have found interesting. According to Mr. Robertson Smith: "No positive religion that has moved man  has been able to start with a tabula rasa, and express itself as if religion were beginning for the first time, in form, if not in substance. The new system must be in contact all along the line with the older ideas and practices which it finds in possession. A new scheme of faith can find a hearing only by appealing to religious instincts and susceptibilities  that already exist; and it cannot reach these without taking account of the traditional forms in which all religious feelings feeling is embodied, and without speaking a language which men accustomed to these old forms can understand...." To which one scholar added: ".... no major religion of today is exclusive of moral and philosophic concepts of any of the peoples with whom it had contact in its earliest development. This would, of course, give credit to those African and Asian predecessors who were the ones that really began the religions which today are called "Judaism"(Hebrewism), "Christianity" and "Islam"(Mohammedism) - formerly "Mohametism".

    I am not on any side of the issue, but I think I have enough material to support the excerpt above and attempt to answer your question using deep research material. Lastly, I would have hoped that you would have read some of my Hubs which address these issues from different perspectives. Any way,be that as it may, I will write the Hub that will fully answer your question. Thank you(that is, if you had requested that I write a Hub connected to your question). I hope to get an answer from you, and I also hope to see your comments on my Hubs already published here on HubPages.