I believe in God. Do you?

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  1. nikki1 profile image59
    nikki1posted 8 years ago

    I believe in God.  Do you?

  2. profile image0
    Duchess OBluntposted 8 years ago

    Short Answer to a very big question - Yes.

  3. profile image48
    gandalf1posted 8 years ago

    short ansawer to a big question no i dont

  4. Theology4Reality profile image56
    Theology4Realityposted 8 years ago

    I do. While I do believe in Science and Natural Selection, I cannot accept that evolution answers everything. There are some gaps in the theory for science to fill later on, and some gaps that can be filled by intelligent design. And maybe there are some gaps that are just a matter at philosophy.

    Just remember: If God exists (which I believe He does) than I have no fear of science or evolutionary theory. If science claims to seek the truth they will *eventually* come to an understanding of Intelligent design.

  5. tjhooper profile image73
    tjhooperposted 8 years ago


    But seeing that the existence of God can neither be proved or disproved just makes me believe even more now. The whole Christian basis is faith. If you can prove God exists then it ceases to be faith.

    So in a sense of words, I hope that the existence of God will never be proved in this life for Faith's sake.

  6. Pcunix profile image91
    Pcunixposted 8 years ago

    No.  Never did,  do not mind a bit if you do as long as you mind your own business.

  7. neorane profile image56
    neoraneposted 8 years ago

    External evidence can lead man to believe in God, but belief is merely the forerunner of faith.  Some people develop faith by first believing in the word of God. In the act of believing, man accepts the conclusion of evidence; because of evidence, he may believe that the sun will continue to rise and set, the seasons continue to come and go and so forth. By giving serious consideration to the evidence that there is a Supreme Being, he may also begin to believe in God, but man may believe in God and still lack faith.
    External evidence alone cannot produce saving faith i the heart of man, nor can it alone bring him into a meaningful spiritual union with Christ. It is primarily by means of the internal evidence which man is given through the Holy Spirit that he achieves living faith in God. True faith is more than an man's submission to reasonable arguments which support given doctrines, concepts, or conclusions. It is more than reason grown courageous enough to span the abyss between the known and unknown. Faith is true belief strengthened and enhanced by the Holy Spirit which man receives when he reaches up to God with desire and hope; it is the power which man acquires when his soul is illuminated and his mind is sustained in its actions by the enlightening influence of the Holy Spirit.
    External evidence may stimulate man to believe, but only when he obtains divine truth, light, and power through the Holy Spirit by expressing desire and hope in Christ can man possess true faith.  Only then can he acquire the divine truth and power by  which the sick are healed, the elements controlled, and the dead raised to life.

  8. maheshpatwal profile image70
    maheshpatwalposted 8 years ago

    Yes Nikki........... Like most of the people here i too do believe in the existence of super power we may call him/her by any name...................... He/She's the creator of this beautiful planet earth and  the whole  of the universe..............

  9. profile image0
    seraphim11posted 8 years ago

    Yes I do definitely believe in God. I am where I am because of his grace.. ^_^

  10. Make  Money profile image78
    Make Moneyposted 8 years ago

    Yep I believe in God.  He knew me before I was conceived.


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