Are there essential characteristics to humanity?

  1. Daniel J. Neumann profile image59
    Daniel J. Neumannposted 7 years ago

    Are there essential characteristics to humanity?

    For example, is it possible to end war, poverty, or self-interest---or are these innate properties of the human condition, which are, perhaps, encoded in our genome?

    For my part, I'm a constructivist. I think everything can and does change.

  2. Mayaanjali profile image80
    Mayaanjaliposted 7 years ago

    I believe in 'Everything that goes up must come down' or the Law of Karma.  In Numerology you have a concept called Challenge Numbers- these numbers come to you as challenges from the past duties that you may have failed to fulfill, avoided or abused.  So essentially, even if poverty comes, the level by which the condition can be mitigated by sincere effort depends on past or present actions or Karma.
    Too complicated an answer for a simple Q?

  3. Shivani Gala profile image80
    Shivani Galaposted 7 years ago

    Yes, there is one essential characteristic to humanity:- LOVE. Each in born to learn love self and others. Each picks his own way of learning it....