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Is it a sin to want to die, but not have the desire to kill yourself?

  1. Somecallmegreat profile image57
    Somecallmegreatposted 7 years ago

    Is it a sin to want to die, but not have the desire to kill yourself?

    I have a friend that asked me this question, and I really didn't know the answer to it... So I'll ask all of you.
    (And yes, I advised the person to seek professional help for this problem, as well as tried my hardest to help them...)

  2. Jaggedfrost profile image77
    Jaggedfrostposted 7 years ago

    For most ministers the answer to that one usually changes depending on how much you put on the collection plate. I have the privilege of being able to set such things down in black and white and so I will state that the answer is no. 

    When Christ spoke of the intents of our hearts he was talking about people who contemplated how to hurt others and break God's law with reckless abandon but were usually waiting for the right moment and circumstances to get away with it without being censured by the public. 

    Wanting to end one's own life doesn't follow the natural pattern of Sins and isn't found anywhere in Leviticle law.  Sins are acts that demand blood price because the end effects of the actions cant be undone. 

    Suicide pays for itself and isn't the act of a rational mind.  Rational people avoid things that harm themselves.  Christ always had mercy on those who were weak, infirm, or handicapped in any way. 

    I believe that the longer she can only think of taking her life without succeeding the better off she is.  It may help however to find another outlet for her mental energies that gives her a reason to say to herself, "I matter in this world."  Suggest that she volunteer in a soup kitchen if all else fails.  That usually helps.

  3. Dave Mathews profile image60
    Dave Mathewsposted 7 years ago

    I believe that it is the desire of every Christian to finally return home to heaven to be with Father God, Jesus, friends and family. If this is so than how can it be wrong to want to die, as through death are we released from this world to join them all.

  4. Thamuss profile image60
    Thamussposted 7 years ago

    There are a number of reasons why a person might want to die. Paul, in Philippians, said "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." He goes on to say that he is torn between the desire to depart and be with Christ, and the need to stay in order to encourage the church.
    People at times also view death as an escape from the anxieties, struggles, and trials of this life. Pain can make cowards of us, and we might want to die because of that.
    It's not a sin to want to die. And while I agree that it might be a sign of someone who needs some professional help, as a casual thought, it doesn't always need to be dealt with via a suicide hotline.
    That fact that the person doesn't want to kill themselves or have their life ended is telling. It means that they've identified legitimate reasons for continuing this life. It indicates that they are at least to some extent rational.
    I would suggest that if your friend continues to express these feelings for more than a few weeks, it might be adviable to speak to someone about the situation who has a relationship with this person. (A parent, shared minister, school counselor, etc)
    Good Luck. Your friend is lucky to have your support.

  5. manatita44 profile image83
    manatita44posted 3 years ago

    Sri Chinmoy- to the disciple - was a deeply spiritual man who embodied God, and he has answered this question a few times. Go into Sri Chinmoylibrary.org and use the search engine with some words probably like 'sri chinmoy and suicide' and you will probably get lots of answers. Spiritual Masters speak from their own mystical experiences, not borrowed thoughts.

    Now let me answer your question. Whoever truly wants to die, may already have the desire to kill themselves. Perhaps the will is not strong enough. They will ask someone's help and thus try to shift the burden consciously or unconsciously, on the other. There are also much deeper issues.

    Not a nice field for me. Suffice to say that in Sri Chinmoy's philosophy, suicide which is deliberate, can have serious consequences and is likened to being fried in oil. The Soul suffers not only in one life but also in many lives afterwards, unless the grace of the Supreme is there and intervenes, or that person is helped by a Spiritual Master, an advocate of God. Do look up his answers, and if you cannot find some, then come back to me.

    Let us just say that suicide is a very bad idea and can create suffering for the individual in many lives to come. For some it is an attempt to opt out of the cosmic game, and as such displeasing to God.

  6. stas karimov profile image60
    stas karimovposted 20 months ago

    I'm suicidal I killed myself 15 years ago. But I'm not a ghost, I can talk and I can write!

    You bought a car and you can destroy this machine. You bought a book and you can destroy this book. But you did not buy your body. The gods gave you your body. God is an Artist. God Himself has drawn special fingerprints for you!!! I do not want to do a work for nothing. You do not want to do a work for nothing. God does not want to do a work for nothing. Therefore, God considers suicide as the sin! On planet Earth sinners live and suffer. If you become a holy God will take you to Paradise! Only God can stop the human suffering. Jesus Christ showed us the way! Stop serve only yourself begin to serve God. If you really believe in Jesus, then you and I and all believers are brothers and sisters. The devil divides us because together we can solve any problem!