So, even though i've seen a priest and made a confession, told him everything, i

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    aniokaposted 7 years ago

    So, even though i've seen a priest and made a confession, told him everything, i can't understand

    why am still so sad about this relationship, so angry against me, against him for using me, because after all, he told me that i was only an experience for him to be done before he get married!! I can't understand why i still love him though he said that to me, why am so sad he is not with me!! How can i move on with this feeling in my heart? i know am not allowed to hate him as our heart are here to love and not to hate!! i know i should not love him anymore but i can't understand why i still love him, will God put an end to my sufferings and to that feeling?

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    sofsposted 7 years ago

    Receiving forgiveness is a matter of faith.You have no proof of salvation so also is forgiveness. The problem is your are fresh from your hurt,  I am not so sure that you love him, but you have been emotionally involved with him and you are hurt and angry. You need to deal with this, forgive yourself, focus on doing positive things, keep yourself busy, probably write some cheerful pieces on your holiday or something on those lines .  Just keep telling yourself you have made a mistake but that is in the past. Dont wallow in anger, self pity, denial .... think positively and move on with life. You will forget it over time time heals all.
    Honestly I have a suggestion for you, please do not discuss such problems in open forums like these. you might put yourself into more trouble. Wishing you the very best.

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    PaulaHenry1posted 7 years ago

    OH is the hardest of emotions to be led along, thnking your relationship is going somewhere, investing time and your heart, only to find out you were nothing to him. I believe that God will not "put an end to the suffering" but he will guide you to the places to find support and love. This being one of them.
    I am still "in love" with my ex who was/is an alcoholic, mentally manipulative, selfish and a horrib;e father. Doesn't make sense to still love him right? But for whatever reason I do.
    Sometimes we WANT to love so much that we love for all the wrong reasons....find strength in yourself to continue to ask for help and support....God will guide you thru it. Be patient.
    We all must fall to rise again- good luck.

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