If you have loved someone with all your heart and soul truely madly and deeply b

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    samantha23posted 7 years ago

    If you have loved someone with all your heart and soul truely madly and deeply but still you...

    have me dumped or your emotions played with, please give me a hand  on how you overcome it and remove that love from your heart and head with the Help of God!! thanks for your help.

  2. Liberate profile image52
    Liberateposted 7 years ago

    The Only Person That Can Continue That Type Of Love Without Faith Is God Himself!

    Though, I Haven't Been Kissed, Though Love Means The Entire World To Me, I Spend Hours Thinking Of The Idea To Be Able To Hold The Girl Of My Dreams.

    Love Is A Gift, That We Have Been Blessed With.

    Your Head My Be Incorrect; Falling In love With A Undeserving Person, Who Without Question Has Mental Issues, To Pass The Kind Of Love You Provide.

    Though, Your Heart Is Pure Gold, To Find Faith in The Lord, And For That Reason, You're Extremely Amazing!

    God Shall Provide Your True Love, You Should Find The Faith To Pray.

    God Wants You To Find Happiness And Joy, Not To Be Hurt And Dead Inside.

    May The Love Of God Flow Though You, Keeping Your Soul Warm; It Won't Grow God.

    God Bless You! You're Amazing!

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    christiansisterposted 7 years ago

    By getting Revelation about the truth of Life. People feel lonely many, many times in their lives. But, if you think about it this does not make sense due to the fact that when we are born we begin a journey in this Universe and It is ours alone. We can fill it with people and events. But you are still making your journey alone. You are born alone. You live everyday with yourself. And when it is time to pass from this Universe we pass alone. Even if you are in a room filled with people, they are not going on the journey with you. You will be making this trip alone. And the account of your life will be yours alone. Sweetheart please go to my hub and read a few articles I have on the subject. Please read  "It's All So Rubik's Cubical", "Proof of Life After Death", "Messages From My Mother Eve" the others if you have time. If you do please leave a comment about if they helped. Also you can get in tough with me. I have lived thru many turbulent times. But, I am still here.  God Bless.