hi anamika , I am in a strong loving relationship with a man since 6 yrs. But

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    anmol28posted 7 years ago

    hi anamika ,

    I am in a strong loving relationship with a man since 6 yrs. But because of...

    some unfavoured circumstances he is not taking a bold step to marry me .we both love eachother so i wish somehow  things fall in our favour and we can get married.( He loves me badly and it is true) .How can fengshui help me .(Note that i stay at parents house and sharing room with my sister )

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    julieeshubposted 7 years ago

    Hello there !!!

         I hope you will take a moment to let your eyes run along the lines of my letter… It won’t take you long, I promise. Think, how often do you let yourself to make a pause and take look at your life, and your eye through the eyes of a stranger? Haw you ever asked yourself what could be seen, would be what you want your life to be?

        I am not going to tell you what your life is like, nor what you would like it to be. I believe I have no right. Who do you think I am?   I am just a girl and maybe what I am going to say here would not become anything new for you… anything you never read or heard before, but maybe this time it will bring you to a point of no return and you will understand there is no way back to living the life you’ve had before? For some reason, that I find even hard to describe I believe you are already on your way to chances… otherwise you would not be reading this letter, I would not come across your profile.

        Desire to fill up your life with mutual, true love and expel loneliness and emptiness out of it is something that made you begin the journey which way has crossed with love path… You know what? I guess if you go further together it would be better for both… It’s always good to walk with a fellow traveler, isn’t it? You will tell him about your feelings.He will let you know his feelings. And who knows, maybe right before you ask each other where exactly you are going you will understand that you are already there and have been since your paths crossed at intersection of life and then merged into one common way.

          Dear, this is about to happen… there is just a question of whether you will notice him, or pass by in a hurry of daily races that never seems to end…

        You've got to make sure that you're working through all your tasks -- otherwise, things are sure to get a little crazy! Your energy is perfect for clearing your desk or making life easier in other ways.

    Your possible life with fellow  traveler

    wish you all the best