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Misterdiggs, Have tried Jesus Christ?

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    augustine72posted 7 years ago

    Misterdiggs, Have tried Jesus Christ?

    Your writeup of yourself made me curious and I also thought it would help me in my studies. If you have tried Jesus Christ how do you think he failed you?

  2. PastorAndrew profile image80
    PastorAndrewposted 7 years ago

    Jesus Christ has never failed me.  He is the faultless in every thing He has done for me or refused to do for me.  I do not mean to say that He has answered every prayer the way I wanted Him to.  In fact, He has not.  For indeed Jesus sometimes answers prayer by saying "Yes."  Sometimes He says, "No."  And sometimes He says, "Wait." 
    Of course the last answer is often the hardest to receive.  And we never like to be told no.  But the truth behind it all is that if Jesus says no or wait, He is not failing us.  In truth, He is doing what is best for us.  The instant we come to faith in that truth, we have found the key to contentment.
    Jesus has made me many promises through the years.  Of course most of them are in His Word.  But He has made many personal to me in answer to my prayers.  While there have been many times that I heard the promise, there have also been many times in which the fulfillment of the promise did not come immediately.  But without fail, Jesus has come through.  Sometimes the promise has taken years for me to see the fulfillment.  But He has always come through.
    So, again, Jesus has never failed me.  I certainly have failed Him.  "But let God be true, and every man a liar."

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    DaKingsKidposted 7 years ago

    What Pastor Andrew said...So true...

    A lot of people get upset with God, because things didn't go their way.
    And even for things that are tragic in this world. Don't put the blame on Jesus because things did go the way you think they should have, that's just sin in motion as i would like to call it. Jesus does have a part in these things when pray and ask Him to move, even so when all is said and done what He produces through it all is far more beyond our understanding and reasoning.

  4. misterdiggs profile image56
    misterdiggsposted 7 years ago

    Specifically Augistine72. White Christianity.  That is "Caucasianity" has failed every black person.

    White Christians maintained at one time that black people were supposed to be slaves as mandated by God. Yet in the very book they read God says man stealers should be put to death.

    Heretofore many of those "Christians'"still believe these twisted doctrines.

    This is only one example of many inconsistencies of this belief system called "Caucasianity"...

    Now supposedly these "Christians" have it all figured out. 

    If they were wrong about the enslavement, torture and rape of black people then; what else are they wrong about now.

    This "peoples" representation of Jesus has failed everybody.  It is impossible to know Jesus Christ and to have committed the evil they committed.  It is impossible to read the bible and its many verses and conclude anything as horrendous as these "Caucasianists" have dreamed up. From their murderous rise to power to their current hypocritical state.

    As far as Jesus goes. My relationship to the all loving God is a personal one as faith is a very personal journey.

    Spare me your attempts to convince me of your particular view of what God is doing in my life or what I'm not doing. 

    How many stones does it take to destroy a glass house?