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what do you think is gonna happen,before the end of 2011-12,will we really see t

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    john clemmerposted 7 years ago

    what do you think is gonna happen,before the end of 2011-12,will we really see the truth?

    truth is, i saw one back in 09,i was at work,it was 7.15 pm clear night,it was bright around shape,no sound,not a plane any thing ive ever seen before,there was no sound,as far as how fast not really fast,it was really low,i lived in a samll town, only 6000 ppl,but it was flying really low,low enough to make out it was no plane or a chopper,there would have been a sound,as far as how high ,, 12000 ft or lower??what will be next?

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    Aladin*Saneposted 7 years ago

    we can see the truth if we wish but it will be based on lies like every thing in the world because just think we are brought up on fiction, as children we are read fairytales we progress to watch fictional films and we can make our own mind up but it will be based on facts we have been fed by the government or society today no real facts because if we were, we would have told of infamous murderers and harsh realities of this life.

    There is life beyond the world as we know it but it will not be much different from what we have already seen such as jupiters moon, europa could have millions upon millions of creatures living and breeding as we in its icy depths. Anything is possible through creation.

    But hey what do i know im 15 years old:)

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    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    these concepts like the rapture are nothing short of rediculous. the world isn't going to end in 2012 and rapture is an insult to the human mind. bible thumpers are just looking at a way to sread fear to justify their beliefs and to make what they act like they believe more sensable. no worries, we'll be here for a long time yet.

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    Malinposted 7 years ago

    At risk of invoking the proverb, I'm going to make the assumption that your question is specific to this year, UFO's and cover-ups.

    I don't believe we are going to see any disclosure from the U.S. government regarding UFO's. One of the main justifications for keeping the public unaware of UFO's, according to many in the field of Ufology, is the fear of widespread panic that the government would be unable to stop them if they were hostile. Indeed, if visitors are able to travel across the vastness of space, a feat we still can not accomplish, in order to get here then it seems unlikely we have the technological means to stop them if they are hostile.

    With that said, I think if the government wished to disclose that aliens have been visiting us, it would probably be over a very long time. If they were to just come out and say "You were right, we've been covering this up and they're here," many people would be in shock or simply not believe them. Therefore, any disclosure would likely take place gradually over a period of many years. A few documents here, a few there. Maybe a paper from a 'think tank' discussing the implications of "what if," etc. to slowly warm up the public for a final revealing press release.

    Since I have yet to see or hear of any documents recently being declassified, or any other indications that the government is thinking about the subject, I'm forced to believe we wont have an official disclosure any time soon. In the meantime, as far as the truth, we'll just have to keep our eyes to the sky and make up our own informed decisions.