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What does fear and religion have in common and why do religious people prefer di

  1. BreatheN2Grow profile image66
    BreatheN2Growposted 6 years ago

    What does fear and religion have in common and why do religious people prefer discipline over love?

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    mikeb72posted 6 years ago


    I know I will not win friends by telling it like it is but I for one will tell the truth. I was the religious before I discovered the law of grace by the blood sacrifice of Jesus the Christ. Now my life and my thinking are different, but the best part is I didn't bring about this change. I tried to live by the law and couldn't and this led to guilt and more frustration and more religious thinking. But when I Discovered Jesus he changed my thinking and my life and I discovered that I had suddenly gained love for those around me. So my answer to the question is this;
    Because the religious know they are wrong and they are accountable to the law. Those who chose love do so because they know the grace of God contrary to religion, (and/or those who have no law because their know their own intent is wrong). World peace is not possible until the global individual gains peace on an inner level and this is not possible as long as the global people are accountable to the law. Thus Jesus is the only way to bring true world peace. I'll bet the religious have a lot to say about this, especially the dogmatic evolutionist and artiest! lol I chose to attach a picture that shows the dark mysterious side of a most beautiful sunrise. I took this at skagway lake Colorado on the day my son was murdered 8/17/2011. My testimony to him and his life is this; I forgave the one who did it and this is what my son would want because my son knew love.

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    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    Your question paints religious people with a very broad brush.  Religious people are not all the same any more than other groups of people.  Isn't this the kind of bias we fight against in the modern world--lumping all people of one belief, color, religion, political party etc. as being of one mind and sharing all characteristics?

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    BreatheN2Growposted 6 years ago

    mikeb72, I'm truly sorry to hear such tragic new about your son and I send peace to you and your family. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question with a heavy heart! I believe as you do that the law is more attractive to a man's ego than his hear. Love requires us to see others as we would consider ourselves in the circumstances were the same in the same frame of mind where grace becomes applicable! Discipline requires fear not love or desire that is the power of love unlike fear which is an undoing or lacking substance! Religion demand discipline or else but if a relationship is built on such a condition of fear then fear is required to remain to solidify the relationship, that is why discipline is limited but love is sustainable! Thank you mikeb72!

    Okay duffsmom, why do some choose discipline over love?

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    smriti2101posted 6 years ago

    Fear makes us stay away from certain things or activities because we suspect they may harm us while religion makes us abstain from  certain things or activities because we know they may not be conducive for us to indulge in them, well they may harm us. Both have the same effect but the cause to reach the effect is diagonally opposite. Fear breeds negativity while religion intends to make us positive. I might want to steal some precious object. But I would rather not do it  out of fear of being caught by others and thay might punish me or I may not get caught by other people but God is watching and He will punish me. Both fear and religion are deterrents.
    Religious people prefer discipline over love. I think discipline is the very purpose of religion. The manifestation of one's religiousness in activities of religion requires a certain  discipline. Discipline is something we choose for our own growth and elevation while love gives us a feeling of contentment. In my opinion only the strong want to be disciplined, love we all want. We choose to be religious, discipline comes automatically.

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    qlcoachposted 6 years ago

    Sounds like a two part question. My response for part one: I think most religions try to help people cope and deal with fear.  Some religions also seem to instill fear when they talk about our character defects and concept of "sin". In my Hub about Miracles, I talk about how we can overcome  pain, suffering, trauma, and other adversity by embracing the power of the positive over all that is negative.

    Part two: Some religious people are closed minded. They believe their religious path is the only "way". Others are more open-minded. I believe  we can find our own spiritual connection and that there are many pathways to choose for healing, recovery, and transformation.

    Peace and Light: Gary.