Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

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    aoiffe379posted 8 years ago

    During a conference I attended recently,a participant posed a question I consider to be serious.He said that when he married, he was a 'backslidden' Christian.He does not believe his wife was a Christian at the time.His wife had a child prior to their marriage. The questioner is 'saved' now and he is still uncertain about his wife's  spiritual condition.They have separated;and he wondered if they got a divorce if he could remarry.The speaker indicated that they were married by law but not in the sight of God.They were equally yoked non-Christians.Now that he is a Christian,they are 'unequally yoked' and he has the task of being an example as a believer.She suggested counseling.However,he wants his freedom and a chance to move on with his life. They have two children from their union.What would you  have said to the questioner?

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      C.J. Wrightposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      under fundamental judeao christian beliefs, adultery is the only grounds for divorce. Modern theologist would for the most part agree that physical abuse to a spouse or children might also be grounds. Attempting to use the ideology of "un-equally yoked" after the fact, questions the omnipotent quality of God. Did not God know this? Of course God knew, he knows the begining to the end. The answer he seeks can only come through seeking God's will for his life personally.  Regarding the speaker stating that the marriage was not valid in the eyes of God scares me. The idea that any mere human would dare speak for God is scary.
      Also the fact that the questioner clearly states that he wants his freedom indicates that he wants a divorce and is looking for validation. I'm sure lots of people will give him that pat on the back he seems to so desparately need. But then who's will is he seeking? Validation of his own will and wants or the will of God. Scripture is quite clear on this, no "God mind reading" is neccessary.
      I personally believe that once children are involved they are the chief focus of both parents. Your own carnal needs should be secondary. Marriage is tough, blended families are EVEN tougher.