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Is the incidence UFO encounters/sightings increasing?

  1. peterxdunn profile image59
    peterxdunnposted 6 years ago

    Is the incidence UFO encounters/sightings increasing?

    More and more people are reporting UFO sightings with every passing day. Many of them are shooting video footage of these incidents. A lot of this evidence cannot be dismissed as meteorological phenomena, mis-indentified aircraft or the planet Venus. You know - the usual stuff. We are seeing mass sightings - such as in Mexico city - with thousands of witnesses that include airline flight crew and air traffic controllers. Where is all of this leading us? Are we soon to meet our cosmological cousins in the flesh?

  2. javaoverride profile image62
    javaoverrideposted 6 years ago

    I belive the increasing numbers are due to people being more open as a few years ago if you said anything you would be branded as being crazy.

    i do think a high percent are made made crafts made by DARPA

  3. I Am Rosa profile image89
    I Am Rosaposted 6 years ago

    UFO sightings and interaction with alien races have been documented right back to the beginning of Man's history.  At one point, they were a common place sight and welcome visitors to villages, bringing advancement and enlightenment to Mankind.  Many tribal communities still talk about them and revere the ancient art which depicts these sacred brothers and sisters.

    Some researchers have stated that alien visitation hasn't ever really stopped.  There are documented reports of sightings all across the world throughout history.  There are still places in the world where UFO's are still seen coming and going on a regular basis.  It seems that this has not changed.

    What *has* changed is people.  Over the millennium, we've gone through changes - religions that forbid the acceptance (or discussion) of anything other than approved doctrine, the 'science' mind that leaves no room for things that cannot be seen and dissected, etc.  A large part of the "educated world" rejected this aspect of life that was once common knowledge.  In places where activity wasn't as heavy or obvious, disbelief replaced simple fact.

    Now, we are in a time of change and growth again.  We are more open to things because we no longer need to fear being punished or killed for thinking outside religious boundaries.  We have more information than we've had since before the Dark Ages.  We are more free to explore, exchange ideas and openly discuss our experiences.  We also have more global communication and coverage.  There is no one to seriously sensor what is unleashed on the internet, especially when a video can go viral in literally minutes.  Awareness, freedom and personal openness have changed.

    Are we soon to meet them? Lots of people think so, but their reaction to that varies greatly.  Some look forward to that day, saying that we will finally take our rightful place in the universe as enlightened beings.  Others fear that day, positive that 'alien overlords' are returning to enslave us once more (odd since non of the tribes have every mentioned being enslaved by aliens) ....

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    Cromperposted 6 years ago

    UFO sightings statistically increase in poor economic periods (such as today). Also, hollywood tend to release more horror and sc-fi films when the going gets tough economically.
    Can you give us more info on the Mexico city sightings? I'm sure they were years ago!