Why does man lust after things he does not have?

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  1. rajan jolly profile image94
    rajan jollyposted 8 years ago

    Why does man lust after things he does not have?

  2. terrektwo profile image82
    terrektwoposted 8 years ago

    Because he wants what he doesn't have, to make his life better, to fulfill his wishes. Lust is human nature, something we need to learn to curb though and find other outlets to fill ones life.

  3. Sky9106 profile image66
    Sky9106posted 8 years ago

    Now the use of the word Lust changes my outlook on the question , if you truly meant Lust. I believe it to be the missing half of its identical twin brother, "Want" 

    This question, as I try to make sure that I understand your meaning clearly,
    those of mankind, who entertains such desires, are  men who have not as yet  given their lives a chance at its own sincere and personal instinctive question.

    They are still running around with the want, which is -simply Fantasy.
    Not as yet taken their lives the that genetic state, that each and every individual human being should one day reach, in order to ask his ultimate question: Who am I, and what should I be doing here ? What is my purpose?
    Those who have asked this question sincerely, had no doubt gotten their answer and moved on,
    So the question  would definitely not be directed at them. But it has rather been placed before them, in anticipation of that truthful answer.

    When a man  has not as yet drank from that satisfying well which was divinely placed here for all of mankind, then it's pretty difficult for that  man to have  a positive sense of direction, so he will go lusting , fantasizing, actually chasing ghosts.

    By knowing how to differentiate between the "Need " and the "Want"  and  also how to be of a clean heart and a sound mind, like those who sincerely believes in the the Most High God and his true purpose for all man.
    It will take some doing very conscientious decisions, but the end will more than justify the means.
    Note I did not say it will take "a church" to truly understand their relationship with with the Most High God .

    Hope I was able to be of some help.


  4. shop online fast profile image61
    shop online fastposted 8 years ago

    good question.

    i find myself lusting after things that i don't have (not necessarily just wanting to have sex)

    biblically, man by himself is incomplete, regardless of however you look at it.

    man, in this life time, will never be able to complete himself.

    therefore, he has to be completed by adding another person to himself, or what that other person has.

    and, as long as man shall live, he will be in constant pursuit of completion. 

    completion is the only thing that can truly make a man happy. period

  5. heavenbound5511 profile image72
    heavenbound5511posted 8 years ago

    Because he does not know our God provides all of our needs and all we have to do is seek God in Christ Jesus. God does not hold back any good things from those that love and seek him. Forgiveness, mercy, blessings, love, Salvation, and direct connection with God /  because of Jesus death and resurrection.

  6. iviskei profile image70
    iviskeiposted 8 years ago

    Because we are greedy? Although, it's not always a bad thing. Wanting things helps us create goals to achieve, and good things usually come out of that.

  7. rajan jolly profile image94
    rajan jollyposted 8 years ago

    thanks guys for answering
    and sky9106, Lust,want,need and desire are shades of the same thing. They just differ in the degree or intensity. One might need a thinght but one might not desire it.Then one might desire it but not so much that it becomes a want. Above this comes lust which is an all consuming burning desire, nay passion, to have the thing at any cost, come what may.

  8. profile image34
    saisarannagaposted 8 years ago

    Man is basically an embodiment of bliss or happiness. But once born in this world of duality, he lost his moorings and he struts about in the external world in confusion. He want to get back his bliss or happiness. But he falsely assumes that the things of the world will grant him happiness. But it is momentary and again he seeks some other thing to satisfy his desire. Likewise he is after the things of the external world!

  9. profile image0
    Rosemary Banksposted 8 years ago

    Everybody lust for something, it's the desire in us.


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